NXT UK Coverage: Ripley Dominant Again

Who can stop the Mosh Pit Kid? The Australian native beat Toni Storm in the finals of the NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament to claim the spot as inaugural champ. Things have been heating up across the pond and with NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool right around the corner, the potential is out of this world.


Joseph Conners vs. Dan Maloney: After delivering a beating to Maloney, Conners hit Don’t Look Down for the one-two-three.

“Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman vs. “Bomber” Dave Mastiff: There are quite a few big men in NXT UK but none quite as surprising as Mastiff. The guy is surprisingly agile for his size. This was a slugfest, but Bomber came out on top after a Dropkick into a crushing Cannonball.

Ligero vs. Tyson T-Bone: It’s hard not to like the Luchadore from Leeds. The story of this match is similar to most of Ligero’s bouts; stick and move. T-Bone rung the smaller man’s bell with a vicious right and put the hurt on. Eventually, Ligero fired up and knocked off T-Bone with a Springboard Splash.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Candy Floss: The champ planted the rookie with Rip Tide for the pinfall, but Candy Floss hit a surprising amount of offense. Ripley brutalized her after the match to add insult to injury.

Wolfgang w/ the Coffey Brothers vs. Travis Banks: This was payback for the Kiwi Buzzsaw and did he get his. The Coffey Brothers repeatedly distracted Banks, but Mustache Mountain ran in to even up the numbers. Seven gave the Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang a taste of their own medicine, tripping Wolfgang into a Rollup so Banks could pick up the win.

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