Review Fix Exclusive: Brian Buccellato Talks ’Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger’ And More

Review Fix chats with comic book writer Brian Buccellato, to find out all about the nifty new “Lost in Space” comic book. Inspired by the classic ‘50s sci-fi romp, Buccellato lets us know what makes it a cool addition to the series lore.

About Brian Buccellato:

Brian Buccellato is a New York Times best-selling writer best-known for his work on Flash and Injustice for DC Comics. Brian started in comics as a colorist for the Marvel/DC crossover Punisher/Batman and went on to color for all the major publishers, including work on The Uncanny X-Men, Superman and The Flash. He began writing as part of The Story Company, where he collaborated on a number of screenplays. Buccellato started his comic writing career at Top Cow with The Darkness before teaming with Francis Manapul to co-write The Flash and Detective Comics at DC. He is the creator of Foster, Sons of the Deviland co-creator of Cannibal for Image Comics. His most recent work includes Lowlifes from IDW and Lost in Space for Legendary. He currently lives in West Hollywood with a very small cat and dog.

About the Comic:

Thirty years in the future, en route to a distant colony, the Robinson family finds itself thrown off-course when their ship crash-lands on a mysterious and dangerous planet. On this strange new world, they encounter a hostile environment and an enigmatic alien robot. In order to survive, the Robinson family must rely on their training, and they’ll discover that no matter how lost they are, their family is their home. The new graphic series offers readers the chance to explore new missions, not aired on television, as our heroes struggle to survive in an unknown world full of new creatures, unexpected visitors, and new danger.

Review Fix: What inspired this comic?

Brian Buccellato: I was a big fan of the original series when I was a kid. So when the opportunity to work on a comic based in the world of the new series came up, I jumped at the chance. The creative team along with the fine folks at Netflix did an amazing job updating the concept and making it feel fresh and new. 

Review Fix: How is it different from your previous work?

Buccellato: While I HAVE worked on licensed properties before (Batman, Flash, etc), this is the first time I’ve had the chance to work in the world of an existing TV show. The inherent challenge that made it different was learning the voices of the characters/actors to make comic feel like a seamless extension of the series. ZID’s characterizations of the character is incredibly true to the actors, and I wanted to do my part.

Review Fix: What makes this comic special?

Buccellato: I’d like to think that MOST comics are special in their own way. In this case, I just hope folks enjoy the reading experience and come away satisfied that it brings added value to the Lost In Space universe.

Review Fix: What was it like to work with ZID?

Buccellato: ZID is phenomenal and easy to work with. A comic script is the template for artist to do what they do…and he took those words on a page and breathed life into them with an realistic style that was PERFECT for this book. 

Review Fix: How has your previous work prepared you for this?

Buccellato: I’d like to think that any writing helps to build and evolve you creatively. The hope is that we get better with experience and effort, right? My approach to every new project is that it will be BETTER than the last. That has to be the goal for me regardless of the outcome. 

Review Fix: What creators do you think have influenced you the most?

Buccellato: I’m influenced by all creative mediums. Comics, books, tv and film. It’s hard to single out just a few because I have never consciously tried to emulate specific people. That said, I’m sure John Byrne, Chris Claremont, Frank Miller and Walt Simonson influenced MY WHOLE WORLD as a child. So they would be at the top of my list of comic influencers.

Review Fix: How do you want this series to be remembered?

Buccellato: As a faithful (and fun) extension of the show.

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