Wish Omnibus Review: Meh

“CLAMP” has created many memorable manga such as “Cardcaptor Sakura” and ‘Magic Knight Rayearth.”

Of course, they have also created manga that is less than worth reading.

“Wish” is one of them. 

Shuichiro Kudo saves what looks like a toddler that’s stuck in a tree. That toddler turns out to be an angel named Kohaku who asks to grant Shuichiro any wish he wants. He refuses, but Kohaku believes that “there some wishes that cannot be fulfilled by oneself” so she decides to pretty much be his maid until he wishes for something. It’s your generic story about some super powerful being living in the same house as the main lead who the character obviously views as a love interest. While the story does improve somewhat as it goes along, the writing still misses the mark and the characters aren’t all that interesting. Shuichiro is the dullest character in the entire series.

You know a series has problems when the best characters are the birds. Eventually, there is some kind of conflict, but the majority of the story is slice of life.

While there is plenty of awesome slice of life manga, those are great because of the characters and the situations they’re put in are interesting. Here, there’s none of that and this a group that brought us a series that has an entire world being destroyed. The art is the typical “CLAMP” art that has every main character look feminine. Shuichiro does pass a little bit but everyone else it seemed hard to tell who was what gender. Not to mention Kohaku constantly changing between normal and chibi gets old fast. Yes, there is a reason, but it seemed like it served more like it was for “cute” moments than anything else. 

While “CLAMP” may be legendary, “Wish” is not. The story is weak, as with its characters, plot and artwork. There are a ton of great “CLAMP” manga out there and if this is the first one you’ve read it will put you off to reading the other manga this group put out.  

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