Most Interesting Tech Arriving in 2019

Year after year without fail the tech industry delivers some of the latest innovations through the release of the latest gadgetry. Sometimes these can be a little misdirected and find solutions to problems that didn’t exist. With each of the tech giants pumping multiple billions into R&D, half blinded by all the new tech bling our world changes the manner in which we relax, play, communicate, and live, more rapidly than we realise, and 2019 shows no slowing down in the volumes of exciting new tech promised to arrive this year.

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LG 4K HDR Smart TV

LG debuted their 4K HDR Smart TV in 2018, and this year a newly improved version made its appearance at CES 2019 and, aside from it being the appliance’s main function, calling the unit a television is pretty much a misnomer. Available only in 65” calling it a piece of stand-alone art might be a more apt description, wrapped in a harmonious blend of high-end wool and stainless steel.

The company re-imagined their latest creation as a décor anchor piece displayed as the room’s central attraction. It features a foldable screen that rolls away when not in use, similar to a roll-up blind disguising itself as a piece of minimalist furniture. Earmarked by innovation in design, the screen features a “Line View” mode which exposes only 25% of its screen which then displays a custom homepage with selectable custom apps that includes a glance at the weather, ambient designs, or personal photos.

Samsung Folding Smartphone

Samsung seemingly determined to deliver on its much-anticipated foldable touchscreen smart mobile devices, especially their much-vaunted foldable phone, teased the device’s release at the company’s developer conference this past November. Subsequently, the possibility of realising this goal had the tech industry abuzz with its potential cost enjoying centre-stage attention alongside possible new hard & software features in most discussions.

Samsung bestowed this phenomenal new device tentatively with the less than original moniker of Galaxy F announcing an expected launch date of March 2016. The new phone features two primary touch display screens with the one on the outside designated to perform functions similar to those currently seen on conventional phone screens, while the other foldable screen will, when opened, double the effective size of the outer screen.

This effectively provides users with instant access to a tablet device. Brilliantly convenient, you say! The new tech arriving in stores at an unconfirmed projected price of $1770. Too steep I hear you screeching‼ Not really, considering you no longer have to lug around a relatively heavy and bulky tablet or fork out any additional dough to acquire one.

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