Review Fix Exclusive: DawgGoneDavis Talks Goals for 2019 And More

Review Fix chats with rapper DawgGoneDavis, who lets us know what makes her unique style engaging for anyone and everyone.

Review Fix: What was 2018 like for you?

DawgGoneDavis: Huge fun and very gratifying that many others are on the same sheet of music.  All my close friends and nephews said go for it.  I did not discover a new me; I just put some salty nuts on the Payday bar.     Putting out “I’m Here for Thee” at the end of 2018 was a great, great Production by Hellmut Wolf. He plays Sax on it, as well.  I am very pleased with the romping “Wall of Sound,” so to speak.   Thanking all the fans/listeners in 2018 and 2019.

Review Fix: What was your biggest learning experience of the year?  

DawgGoneDavis: Learning all competitors. Learning their coolness. I reconfirmed that my closest friends were correct;   I am “pretty good” and that I am mandated to never actually sing.  True.   Hellmut and my family says; “you are a writer and rapper, not a Church singer.”

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2019? 

DawgGoneDavis: Tour myself silly.  Do tons of interviews.  Create diverse songs – I know I can stay unique and bold naturally.  Sell books for Operation Breakthrough kids.  Give thrills and dancing chills to the USA.   I love it that Russia, India, the UK, and South America to name a few countries totally dig my lyrics.   Some of the US knows Hellmut and myself, but I intend to perk up the ears big time; sometimes with shocking lyrics!  Clean but wild.

Review Fix: How is your new music different from your previous work? 

DawgGoneDavis: It is getting bigger in sound with horns and Sax.  More of my life’s crazy experiences will be visited and illustrated with subtle lyrics (and in your face hilarity).  My most embarrassing events in Germany and Alaska will be shared.   

Review Fix: What new track are you most proud of and why? 

DawgGoneDavis: Anthem Pandemonium….it is my desire to be included in the industry. Also, Im Here for Thee.  It is my nod to Jesus song.  I am proud of the two listed as they are from the bottom of my heart where all the gooey sediment lays.

Review Fix: What’s next? 

DawgGoneDavis: Song 7 in late February.   I have some ideas for branching out.   A duet is in the offing (that will catch some attention).  I am taking suggestions on who folks would like to perform a song with me.  

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add? 

DawgGoneDavis: The USA is going to meet me and Hellmut Wolf.  Heads will turn, eyes will roll, and hips/ legs will gyrate.  I sometimes toy with the idea of a serious song…..who knows.   The sky is not the limit, but my vocabulary might be….NOT!

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