Review Fix Exclusive: Jupiter in Velvet Talks ‘Beautiful New Day’ And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Jupiter in Velvet, who breaks down the creative process and influences behind his new album, “Beautiful New Day” and more.

About Jupiter in Velvet:

After boppin’ around and rockin’ hard for way too many years in L.A. and Midwestern bands with cool names like Big Mic & the Metallic Maurauders, Zuzu’s Petals, Woolton Parrish (named after the spot where John and Paul met) and 2Morrow EvR AfteR, the wildly original multi-talented singer/songwriter we now embrace as Jupiter In Velvet hopped over to the UK. The year was 2011, and he embarked on a high octane re-invention of himself and his artistry, fusing so many eclectic influences from different periods of rock history that his vibe is hard to peg and delightfully schizo. Is Jupiter alt-pop psychedelic rock? Electro-dance rock? Alt-punk? How about critically acclaimed? 

Beautiful New Day, his brash, explosive but also divinely heartfelt and soulful seventh album, has been receiving off the charts accolades across the indie spectrum. Jupiter in Velvet is currently releasing a promotional EP of six of the 11 tracks, each giving a powerful glimpse of his compelling songwriting, intense yet offbeat classic rock style vocals and multitude of electric and acoustic gifts.  

Review Fix: You spent a lot of time in bands for a big chunk of your career, what motivated you to go solo?

Jupiter in Velvet: Freedom.  That is, the freedom to go any direction musically that my writing took me.  While there are great incentives to work with a band, as I grew as a songwriter my artistic intuition become more & more inclined to venture into more variations of other styles of music.  Also, over time the arrangement ideas that I was hearing in my head became more and more specific and clear.  I wanted to see where it would all take me.

Review Fix: What benefits have you felt you’ve been the recipient of since embarking on this album project?

Jupiter in Velvet: I’d say most of it is personal satisfaction as this album has gotten more notice and critical acclaim than previous efforts. 

Review Fix: How is the UK music scene different?

Jupiter in Velvet: It is more fluid, there is more push there to move forward musically.   

Review Fix: How has it altered your already eclectic style?

Jupiter in Velvet: It has emboldened my instincts as to where music is headed.     

Review Fix: What does this album show the world about you as a musician?

Jupiter in Velvet: I have a lot of dexterity with what I can do, in terms of songwriting, use of my voice and arranging.

Review Fix: What song has the best story behind it? Can you share?

Jupiter in Velvet: A lot of my songs are personal, cathartic expressions. However, I am always alert and taking in the world around me and the people that enter my life.  I am easily affected by other’s lives and emotions.  My song ‘The Day I Fell From The Stars’ was written initially about someone else dear to me who was going through a very tumultuous time in their life.  However, shortly after I wrote the song, my life was profoundly changed by a dire and unpredictable event.  I went from observer to subject overnight.  

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2019?

Jupiter in Velvet: My number one goal is to get a publishing deal with someone who has great conviction in their artists and a vision for the future. The only certainty in life is change. Music trends always change, but they are always variations of the past.  Thus there are cycles in music that repeat themselves over and over.  My greatest songwriting skill apparently seems to be, (from the analysis of music reviewers and what other musicians have said to me), my intuitive ability to combine many different styles and periods of music in songs that have commercial viability but are different and unique. 

Review Fix: How does this album play a part in you accomplishing them?

Jupiter in Velvet: Well fortunately so many of the reviews for this album have professed very generous praise of my songwriting. Thus, hopefully I will be able to connect with someone who can hear how my songs and unique musical style fit into the future fabric of the music world. 

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Jupiter in Velvet: To all reading I’d like to share this thought to ponder on a dull, rainy day. Life has great meaning and that meaning is within us all, waiting to be gleaned by those who have the courage to seek it.  Build your life from the inside – out. 

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