Review Fix Exclusive: Juster Salter Talks ‘You and Me’ And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Justin Salter, who discusses his new single, “You and Me,” as well as his goals and hopes during the holiday season.

Review Fix: How’d you get started in music?

Justin Salter: Well, I come from a musical family so music has always been around the house. Piano and guitar and my parents both have really great taste in music. In 7th grade, my Dad bought me a drum kit and I went crazy from there.

Review Fix: What was your turning point? The moment you knew this was what you wanted to make a career out of?

Salter: I think singing the solo in 8th-grade choir and our little makeshift band (Tyson Stevens of Scary Kids Scaring Kids and my Dad) performing an original tune at the 8th grade talent show both lit the spark. We wrote a song and my Dad pushed us to play it over and over for 3 days. I think that taught us the power of repetition and well worth the discipline when the crowd went wild for us, haha.

Review Fix: Who inspires you?

Salter: Great people. I love to read and learn about all the greats. Super inspiring to hear their stories, from Dave Grohl to Elon Musk. And all of the great music, both past and present.

Review Fix: What’s on your playlist right now?

Salter: VHS Collection, Gangstarr, Beach House, Keane, Phantogram, People Under The Stairs…I could go on for a while lol.

Review Fix: What inspired “You and Me”?

Salter: I wrote the song inspired by a girl I’m dating…but didn’t want to just come out with a “hey, look how cool I am” music video so I added the Steve Urkel-to-Stefan character to give it some levity. Both characters are relatable to me and hopefully others as well.

Review Fix: What are your goals for it?

Salter: I just made a fun song inspired by a beautiful girl, and wanted to make a fun and entertaining video. Hopefully, people dig it and check out my other tunes, typically more serious and message-driven songs.

Review Fix: What do you really want for yourself this holiday season? Why?

Salter: Hmmm, besides a financial windfall? Just peace and happiness for all.

Review Fix: Bottom line, why must someone listen to “You and Me”?

Salter: I think the keyboard line is super cool, (played by George Duke from The Soul Treasures patch on Native Instruments.) and it’s a got a nostalgic groove, reminds me of Tribe Called Quest and some people have mentioned Snoop Dogg. which is funny because I actually had the pleasure of working with him a few times, maybe he rubbed off on me? Lol.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Salter: I have some new songs brewing, more serious/emotional sounding stuff. And I also have a funny idea for another video. So we’ll see.

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