What To Do With Your Old Consoles And Console Games

Got an old game console that’s looking a bit lonely and gathering dust on your shelf?

Maybe your girlfriend, mom or significant other gave you a Nintendo Switch, an Xbox One or a PS4 on your birthday or for Christmas. Like a true gamer, you’ve spent countless hours playing the heck out of your newest toy while leaving your former favorite to rot in game limbo.

Give old consoles a new lease on life by finding out new uses for them. Below are some of our suggestions.

Go On A Nostalgic Retro Trip

There’s no better time than now to get back to your roots and start playing the games of yesteryear. Whenever you need to take a break playing the latest games, or need a reminder of how far consoles and graphics have come, hook up your old console to a TV or monitor.

As long as you’re taking your old Xbox or PS3 out, why not clean them out? Wipe the exterior thoroughly and use compressed air to blow dust out from the inside. Inspect your controllers and clear the grime, food particles and stuck buttons.

You can replay your favorite titles or go for ones that you never got to play. You can brush up on sleeper hits or buy them cheap online or at a used game store. The graphics may look a little dated but don’t underestimate how addictive they can be!

Turn Them Into A Cool Media Player

Forget spending cash for a set-top box to watch movies, TV shows and online videos in. Your old console can double as a media player for watching the latest content on Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus, all without having to spend a single dime.

Even older consoles such as a Gamecube or a PS2 can function as a retro DVD player. For last-gen boxes, you’ll only need to put the latest movies or shows you want to watch in the console’s hard drive or connect a USB stick or external storage device to start binge-watching.

Transform Your Console Into A Full-Fledged Arcade

Breathe fresh life into old consoles by re-creating them as classic arcades.

If you have a spare room, you can set up an arcade room replete with awesome titles such as Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter 4 or even retro ones like Final Fight or Streets of Rage. Granted, you’ll need a bit of time and money to make it work, but after that everyone will want to hang out in your house and play.

As for the cabinet and the joysticks, you can get them on the web at an affordable price. Learn the basics of emulation and setting up a front-end program and you’ll be all set. Add a couch or some stools, some snacks and play some arcade to your heart’s content!

Repurpose The Parts

Your bulky Xbox can hold the innards of a powerful PC. Your trusty N64 can be made as a dock for your new Nintendo Switch. Old SNES gamepads and PS2 controllers can be remade into USB controllers. Other ideas include turning a NES cartridge into a wireless router or extender. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Sell It Online

You can offset the costs of your newest game console by selling your old one on the internet. Find your Xbox a new home and an owner who will care for it as much as you did (or even better).

Selling old consoles on the web is easy. Websites like Decluttr and Plunc allow you to sell your beloved unit (in the US and EU and UK, respectively) for a reasonable price. You get anywhere between $100 to $150 for your Wii, PS3 or Xbox One quickly and with minimal fuss. These sites will also buy your old games. If you aren’t in a hurry, you can list your goods on e-retail marketplaces such as Craigslist, eBay or Amazon.

Recycle And Help Save Mother Earth

Dumping your old Playstation or Xbox in the bottom of a bin is the worst move. What’s more, it won’t do the environment any good as metals and components can leak harmful chemicals or substances that can leech into water supplies and the earth.

The right move is to recycle. Find the nearest recycling center in your area, or send it to Best Buy or Goodwill so they can find new uses for your cables and controllers.

Keep It For Future Generations

Would you like to be remembered as the cool gamer grandparent who has an awesome collection of old consoles?

Don’t fret about your old Xbox, PS3, Wii or Atari gathering dust in the closet. Keep them there and wait for the perfect moment to bring them out, such as bequeathing a precious heirloom, when your grandkids visit or when that old junk is fetching a ton of money on eBay. Just remember to check in on them once in a while and pop a game in to ensure the console’s still working. You’ll be glad you did!

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