Geek Girl Issue Four Review: Fun

Ruby has reluctantly returned to crime fighting. With the moniker Geek Girl, much is being asked of her in the town of Maine. There’s a legion of bad guys who have a teleportation device to help them escape. But what happens when the robot in your crew hates you and doesn’t like the way it’s being treated? It recruits allies of its own.

Issue four of ‘Geek Girl’ begins with a recap of Ruby and her friend Summer who filled in for her during Ruby’s comatose state. Though Ruby seems grateful for what her friend has done for her, she appears to be bothered by being called on to be a hero. She’s concerned with paying for college, but the guy who helped put his life on the line, lost his car and broke his leg is cavalierly dismissed. Her attitude and behavior is still of a brattish teenager who hasn’t learned the lesson of what got her in a hospital bed for months. Summer is concerned, but she’s useless in the superhero department. Ruby still wants to party, but you can’t fight the ‘League of Larcenists’ with a hangover alone. That’s where Neon Girl (Sandra) comes in and demands Ruby team up with her. But Sandra has problems with the guy who has given her the tech for her arm. It seems that Johnny’s selling his wares to anyone who will purchase them and Neon Girl is calling him on the carpet for it. What’s more she’s attempting to regulate how he does business. Johnny just maybe a villain himself. The way he smokes, his indifferent stance to Sandra’s demands and the way he quickly complies makes you think he’s hiding something. Does Johnny have fail-safes in his technology that he can turn off? Is he working both sides?

Still, the most intriguing aspect of this comic-book may be the League and its leader. The man is portrayed on the cover as leading his army. His face is half-human, half-pig. It’s disturbing and you want to know how did someone so freakish looking get to lead this group and give them dehumanizing codenames? Chromex, a robot doesn’t like this setup one bit and pulls the one newly named Numb Nuts to the side. Things go downhill for the League, but it may bring you back to Johnny. Is Chromex working for him? And for Numb Nuts who wanted to make some money to support his family, what happens when you escape one bad situation for the unknown? What happens when you have to put your trust in a robot?

Overall, ‘Geek Girl’ is continuing to tell a good story. Ruby still doesn’t have a handle on being a superhero and having a life. She’s constantly out of her depth. Then there’s Johnny, he’s the real x-factor in this issue. Showing up at just the right moment is suspicious at best, but it makes for anticipation for the next installment. ‘Geek Girl’ is a fun ride.   

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