Hell’s Kitchen: Rookies VS Veterans Episode 13 Recap

It’s the first episode of the season with these black jackets, but the color of the jacket means because these chefs still have plenty of shortcomings in an all-new “Hell’s Kitchen: Rookies VS Veterans.” The episode started with the chefs receiving a nice breakfast of eggs Benedict. Obviously, as Ariel pointed out, everything happens for a reason in “Hell’s Kitchen.” She was proven right when Ramsay announced that the day’s challenge, “Taste It, Now Make IT,” was to recreate said eggs Benedict. This show has gotten predictable. For the challenge, each chef had to guess what meat Ramsay used and how he made the hollandaise. Everyone except Motto guessed that Ramsay used Canadian bacon and prosciutto (Motto thought it was just prosciutto.) For the hollandaise, Mia had shallots and espelette powder, Motto shallots and red wine vinegar, Ariel and Heather used only paprika and Bret used chives. At tasting, Heather and Bret were immediately eliminated because their hollandaise broke. Motto was eliminated next because of the meat choice. For the first time, this challenge had two winners because Mia thought right with the shallots and Ariel thought right with the paprika. This was just an easy way to make sure that two chefs get the reward because usually, the winner chooses a chef to come with them. Their reward was indoor skydiving at “i Fly.” Christina and Jocky decided to tag along. Meanwhile, the other three chefs had to clean up the dorm. This is usually the time when we see just how filthy some people are. This season wasn’t all that bad. There was only one disgusting thing (leftover food) but that was it. For the first dinner service as black jackets, things went OK but there were a few bumps. Heather was completely ignoring Ariel and Ariel made fun of her in one those private camera vignettes. Heather put up scallops when Ariel still needed two minutes for risotto. At entrees, Bret sent out two properly cooked and one raw NY strip. Isn’t he supposed to be great at cooking meat? He also had some trouble communicating with the other chefs. These poured over to Mia, who was flustered on garnish. Heather, still experiencing problems on fish, had to redo a salmon because the skin came off. There was even a point when every chef was yelling out different orders, confusing Motto and each other. Ramsay almost lost it that time and had to correct everyone. The term too many cooks applied here. The chefs chose Heather and Mia for elimination with Ramsay eliminating Heather. How Heather lasted this long is a mystery. She may have finished second the last time she was here, but she showed she still needs some more training to work for Ramsay. Mia getting nominated was a bit odd since she was only confused for a bit. She didn’t even mess up one dish. With the final four coming up next week with the final coming up after that, Mia and Motto in the final is still the most realistic outcome. Ariel might be in the final, but she would have to get past Mia. Bret still has some problems making him a finalist that less likely.
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