Maureen Hancock Psychic Medium PREDICTIONS 2019


–Trump finishes out his term despite Mueller’s investigation findings (published by March 2019);

Trump will stay in office, despite Mueller’s thorough, and fact-filled investigation, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the President was involved in a number of illegal activities, including campaign finance violations, back deals with Russia, The Saudi Prince, and more. February is a volatile time politically. Trump will NOT be reelected. Multiple indictments will be issued within days of the end of his term.

–Joe Biden will win the Democratic nomination for President. He will ask Beto O’Rourke to be his Vice President on the ticket. 

Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke will be ever so close in the bid for the Democratic nomination. Joe Biden will win the nomination. Trump supporters will slide over to Biden with his “knock-him-out” old fashioned style tough talk. O’Rourke, with his Kennedy look-a-like persona will take the country by storm. However, his lackluster policy ideas, and not signing the bill for Social Security, as well as non-support of the bill for Medicare for All, will hurt him. 

Trump will go neck-and-neck with Romney for the Republican nomination. I feel Trump will win the nomination. 

I predict Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. 

Business/economy predictions/Real Estate: 

Stock Market dive mid February;

The stock market takes another serious dive in February around the 14/15th. March shows improvement as a new deal with China is reached. Stocks soar to an all-time high with the China trade deal by April 1st. 

The housing market: Mortgage rates will rise to 5.5% by June. Home prices will increase slowly, and inventory for new home buyers will go down. New construction will be at an all-time low by spring. June is peak time for the market to show these changes. This spring is a Seller’s market. 

The end of 2019 shows signs of a recession. 

UK & Brexit:

The Mid-January vote for the Brexit deal will be voted down! The UK will re-join the EU. The US will do a substantial trade deal with the UK, signed by April, 2019. T

International Relations:

Tensions remain high with Russia. March brings increased tensions with Putin due to a devastating military action in the Ukraine.

North Korea launches a missile test around May/June, causing increased tensions with the US (South Korea & Japan).

More troops will be deployed to Afghanistan by May/June due to increased tensions and military actions. 

Trump will pull troops out of Syria beginning in March, and by summer he will have to order troops back, in larger numbers, due to an overwhelming attack on the Kurds. 

Climate Changes & Events

–The winter will bring unexpected amounts of snow and Nor’easters to the whole East Coast, with the biggest surprise impact in February from Maryland to the Carolinas. Over 2 ft. of snow will fall on the Boston area around Feb. 6th, and the whole North East will be crippled by an even larger storm around Feb. 14/15th

June brings a trifecta to California. an Earthquake, 6.2 scale or greater, followed by mudslides, and devastating drought brings wildfires the end of June. 

A natural disaster in the form of an earthquake and volcano eruption for Italy around August. 

Celebrity News & The Royals:

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan will give birth to a baby girl, with an “A” name (like Amelia) the end of February/beginning of March (not late March April as announced).

Prince Philip’s health declines significantly with a heavy gloomy feeling on November/December.

Taylor Swift will announce her engagement to Joe Alwyn around April.

Selena Gomez will undergo a serious medical procedure (possible stem cell transplant) by the summer.

Miley Cyrus will announce her pregnancy in June. 

Jennifer Anniston adopts a baby by the fall. 

Brad & Angelina talk reconciliation come summer. 

Sofia Richie & Scott Disick announce their engagement this spring! Sofia will be pregnant by summer. 

Bill Cosby has renal failure in prison. He might not make it through the treatment. 

Venus Williams announces engagement to Nicholas Hammond by the summer. She will be pregnant soon after the quick wedding!


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