Review Fix Exclusive: Inside ’Triton Survival’

Review Fix chats with Triton Survival developer Luis de la Cruz, who discusses the development process, goals and inspirations for the new shooter.

About Triton Survival:

Triton Survival is a sci-fi themed 3D action shooter focused on surviving, crafting, gathering resources and blasting waves of alien creatures.

Defend the Earth from invasion by surviving in Triton, a satellite of planet Neptune, where you’ll have to build your base, craft items, breed animals, harvest flora, extract minerals, drive vehicles, and construct weapons.

Triton Survival is developed by DreamsSoftGames, a Spanish independent video game studio, creators of Shopping TycoonPiggy PrincessMatch 3 RevolutionArkhelom 3D,Tompi Jones and Breakout Invaders.

Triton Survival will be released in Early Access in Q2 2019. The full version of the game will be more balanced and it will contain a full 4 players co-op mode and a procedural interplanetary system.

Review Fix: How was this game born?

Luis de la Cruz: After finishing our last project, Shopping Tycoon, we wanted to change the genre and move to develop a survival type game but trying to improve some aspects that we did not like.

Review Fix:What was development like?

de la Cruz: We are still at an early stage of development, so we still have a lot to do. In addition the game will be released in Early Access, so after its release this summer we will continue, at least a year, adding more content and features to the game. In what we have been developing we have been finding many aspects in which we are still learning and improving as for example the multiplayer mode, which will allow you to play with your friends, which is proving to be the most difficult to implement and that we want to incorporate a little after its launch in the Early Access phase.

Review Fix: What makes this game special?

de la Cruz: We think that what will differentiate this game from other survival in its clear orientation to action during the game. Not only will survive the dangers of the planets you visit, but its temperature, radioactivity and other aspects that already incorporate other survivals, but a constant invasion of enemies who will try to use the portal as a gateway in their invasions to the earth. Therefore, in your role as Guardian of the Portal of Triton you should take advantage very well of periods of tranquility in the game to collect many resources that allow you to build and improve your base as well as fortify it with its defensive structures to avoid access to the Portal. Another feature of the game is that it will allow you to load the energy portal and use it to travel to the invading planets and destroy their portals, while collecting resources that do not exist in Triton. We want these planets to have procedural designs and that each time you visit them you find yourself with a different environment and enemy bases.

Review Fix:What games influenced this one the most?

de la Cruz: We have been inspired by other good games of the sci-fi survival genre such as No Man’s No Sky, Osiris New Dawn, Empyrion Survival Galactic, Ark: Survival Evolved and much more.

Review Fix: Any fun stories or wild moments during development?

de la Cruz: A few days ago we had the opportunity to show a pre-alpha version of Triton Survival exclusively (before showing it to the public or the press) to the students of an academy that provides training to young people who want to work in the video game industry. We tried to motivate these young people to pursue their dreams. It’s exciting to see the talent of these young people and the illusion of developing videogames like us.

Review Fix:Do you think preserving older gameplay mechanics in new games is important?

de la Cruz: Yes, we think that the classic game mechanics work among the community of players. Our goal is to maintain many of them, typical in action and survival games, incorporating, to the degree that we can, the innovation that complements these mechanics.

Review Fix:What’s your favorite memory as a gamer?

de la Cruz: I enjoyed a lot with the Gears of War saga, in the action genre and also in other driving genres such as the Gran Turismo saga.

Review Fix:Who will enjoy this game the most?

de la Cruz: We hope that all those players who enjoy collecting resources, crafting, building and improving their buildings, but also those players who enjoy the genre of action, building and improving their weapons, improving their skills, their mobility (our game will allow great jumps with the jetpack and even fly with it, in the style of Anthem javelins) and fighting tirelessly during the invasions.

Review Fix:Bottom Line, why must someone play this game?

de la Cruz: Triton Survival will ensure that the player is not walking on a planet, without any sense or purpose. Triton Survival will maintain the tension to prepare itself for the future invasions (improving its abilities, its armament, its defenses, its base, its vehicles, …) at the same time as repairing the damage caused by the last invasion. It will require the skill and strategy of the player to place their defenses and participate in the action, while allowing the initiative to invade other planets.

Review Fix:How do you want this game to be remembered?

de la Cruz: We know that we are a very small team, currently we are composed of two people, and that we will never be able to reach the level of the big developer companies and their projects, but we would like Triton Survival to be remembered as one of the first survival that got the action closer to this genre and keep the players interest to continue advancing and playing many hours to the game.

Review Fix:What’s next?

de la Cruz: At the moment we don’t think about future projects. Now we are fully committed to successfully complete the Steam Early launch this summer and complete the development period until the final version on PC, fulfilling all our expectations. Later we will focus on release the project on other platforms, such as Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.

Review Fix:Anything else you’d like to add?

de la Cruz: We hope you guys have fun playing Triton Survival, and we are open to feedback on our Steam Forums. We want the community to participate heavily in making Triton Survival a better game!

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