Invisible Kingdom #1 Review: A Fun World

Sci-fi has had a lot of things added to it since it became a genre. People think aliens, crazy technology, blasters, time travel and the number 42. One thing that has been woefully been forgotten in sci-fi is color spliced in with a story about two different characters whose fates intertwine. Enter “Invisible Kingdom” written by G. Willow Wilson and art by Christian Ward. The plot is about the lives of two completely different women living in a far-flung solar system. One is a freighter pilot while the other is a nun (called “none” in the comic.) The first issue is there to set up the two main leads and the world. While the world sounds amazing and there is a lot that can be had from this sci-fi world, the characters are OK. Grix, the pilot, is your typical sci-fi grifter who is based on Han Solo and Vess, the nun, doesn’t really have much to her either. While it is still early in the comic, there is plenty of room to flesh out these characters and see where this is going. Ward’s art can be described as a rainbow of every color imaginable. From the first page, you are bombarded with bright color at every inch of the page. If it was any louder it’d talk. The character designs are insanely imaginative. Yes, they’re humanoid but are designed in a way that they’re not human but look like actual aliens. Combine that with all the colors and you’ve got something that will hurt the eyes of anyone who’s used to seeing dark colors. The same can be said for the backgrounds: crazy designs with a ton of color thrown in. “Invisible Kingdom” has some ways to go in terms of plot with characters that need a bit more developing to be interesting. The world itself is nice, though, and the artwork will leave you blind with all the colors used here combined with some clever character designs and backgrounds.
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