Old School Gamer Exclusive: Inside ‘MatchyGotchy Z’

Old School Gamer Magazine chats with Michael Silverman (Silverware Games Lead Designer. Studio owner, programming) and Say Mistage (Silverware Games Derpy Wasabi. Art, community), who detail their new virtual pet experience that harkens back to the days of Rob Fulop’s Petz series, as well as Tamagotchi, but takes the genre to fun new levels.

About the Game:

MatchyGotchy Z is a colorful digital pet experience that combines idle clicker elements with a new take on pet-raising simulation: trainable personalities. The pets can have jobs based on their natural skills, but only you get to define your pet’s personality through gameplay – not itemization or goal oriented milestones. 

 Old School Gamer Magazine: How was this game born?

Michael: Everything starts from an original game character “Matchy Star.” I came up with an idea based on the feel of cartoon heroes I like: Sponge Bob, Johnny Bravo, Gumball Watterson, Andy from Advance Wars, and even the invincibility star from Mario. I did multiple tries of this star character and it was sort of a weird, long and experience for me – but very rewarding at the end! Eventually, Matchy Star became a game of its own and took over into a universe of many games. This is where MatchyGotchy Z comes from, one of the many casual and fun games from this world.

Say: When Michael and I started working together, he had almost wrapped up Matchy Star at the time. It was when we joined in ideas that Matchy Star went from one game to a series of games – we started last year with MatchyGotchy, which was initially meant to be a promotional game, but got quite the positive response from steam players and from all that feedback we created a sequel game called MachyGotchy Z, which we are launching next week via Early Access. Matchy Star is still in development, we are hoping to have more news on that soon enough too.

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