The World of Tom Clancy’s The Division Review: A Great Addition

One of the biggest video game series to be released recently is “Tom Clancy’s The Division.” With the release of the sequel, Ubisoft partnered with Dark Horse to bring forth “The World of Tom Clancy’s The Division,” a resource book that delves into the history and world of the game.

As with any sourcebook worth reading, this book goes into how New York City and inevitably the world got infected, how The Division was founded and what The Division does. It even goes into backgrounds of some of the major characters in the series, though not much, just a basic background and a picture. It also all reads like a government report which is a great idea since this is supposed to be like this world destroying incident where the United States had no choice but to create a special unit. The only grating thing about the writing is that in some instances it thinks the audience are idiots. For example, it describes what New York City is, what Washington DC is and even what the White House is. 

One nice little touch is that there are some scribbled notes here and there that are supposed to be from the groups fighting against The Division. It’s a nice touch in worldbuilding which shows that the enemy is doing its homework on The Division and even mocking it. There is also plenty of game screenshots of locations and characters. These screenshots do a nice job of not only showing off what the game looks like, but they also tell a story and give context as to what is being said in whatever chapter they appear in. 

If you’re a fan of “The Division” series, then this book will be a great resource for you. It goes into the history of the game’s world, the Division’s background and has plenty of screenshots and hidden items that make this a delight for any Division or Tom Clancy fan. 

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