Capitol Wrestling Coverage: Building Consistency

Capitol Wrestling stays steady this week with another solid show. Though there was technically only one match on this week’s episode it was a good enough match to keep the flow consistent leading up to next week’s championship main event. Capitol continued the Freestyle Division tournament with another four-way elimination match.  Even though this match wasn’t as fast-paced and uptempo as the last, the competitors still had a strong showing.


Four-way Elimination: Jordan Oliver vs. Freddy Flamingo vs. Mante vs. Blackstrom: The match quickly started with Jordan Oliver being clotheslined to the outside by Blackstrom. Once that occurred, a series of joke gimmick spots followed. As soon as Oliver was able to get back in the ring, the match speed picked up and the lucha-libre counter moves began. Midway through the match, Mante was distracted by the appearance of Jimmy Rave ringside. Oliver and Blackstrom then gained the advantage over Mante and Freddy Flamingo. Once Flamingo was tossed outside, Blackstrom hit Mante with a second rope Moonsault. Oliver attempt to cover Mante for the elimination was broken up by Blackstrom and caused an argument by the two. Blackstrom went to pin Mante after the altercation, but Mante used the Small-package pin to eliminate Blackstrom.
Shortly after the first elimination, Flamingo got hot and took down both of his remaining opponents. Oliver countered an over the top rope toss into a springing Stunner. He then followed up the Stunner with a Side Cradle Package-Driver variation on to Flamingo and pinned him for the victory.

Meadowlands Monster vs. Ringcrew Guy: To close out the show, Zac Amico came to the ring with his beast the Meadowlands monster. Amico asked one of the ring crew to come in and fix one of the turnbuckles. While inspecting the turnbuckle pad the ring crew guy was leveled by the Meadowlands Monster. He hit him with a thunderous ring-shaking Chokeslam. The Monster then followed up the Chokeslam with a tough Pump-handle slam. After the beating, Amico announced that he booked himself a hardcore match against Jeff Cannonball at the next major event.

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