Come Out Fighting – Any Port in a Storm EP Review: Mosh Pit-Friendly and Out of Control

The mosh pit is an iconic scene in any rock show and in the pit, the harder the music the better the mosh. Come Out Fighting seems to know this fact well because Any Port in a Storm has tracks that definitely lend to this aesthetic. The two-track EP makes no qualms with the hardcore sound it relishes in. This makes for an EP that will have you banging your head to it in the meantime.

Blackout is a classic sounding hardcore track. Wild and unmanageable, the instrumentals hit hard and fast with a sonic blur of thrashing guitars and pounding drums. This adds to the lyrical charm of the “what the fuck happened last night?!” Cries that permeate it. This combined with the chaotic instrumental thel track is sure to get your blood pumping. The raspy screams offer a nice offset to the sounds of the anthem-style vocals throughout Any Port in a Storm, and Soundtrack to a Shipwreck takes this concept and focuses it. The eclectic sounds harken to the days of early AFI, from the vocals to the instrumental arrangement, and leaves a more fine-tuned feeling. Lyrically the track goes out of its way to utilize the vocal range of the band. When you hear “I wait to fall asleep again, so I can dream of home again.” You will feel the words as they are delivered in the sinister fashion of the punk of yesteryear. This track after the stellar first impression that was Blackout solidifies the robust nature of Come Out Fighting. It gives the EP a feel of polish that speaks to the pedigree of the band members and their inspirations. With current members of The Purps and some ex-members of Tommy Gunn, Come Out Fighting make sure their tracks pack the right punch.

Any Port in a Storm is an EP with teeth. The first track puts it all on the line with wild instrumentals and a classic hardcore punk feeling, complete with the run time of the track. Soundtrack to a Shipwreck then shows the wisdom of the group. The eclectic composition and vocal ranges at work give the tracks a feel of authenticity. Without a doubt, Come Out Fighting is a band that means business. Both tracks are catchy and merit multiple listens. While not for everyone, no doubt this EP will have you dreaming of being in the pit when a track like Blackout plays.

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