Review Fix Exclusive: Jaret & Kelly’s Jaret Reddick Talks ’Sittin’ In A Tree’

Review Fix chats with Jaret & Kelly’s Jaret Reddick, who lets us know why the group’s new album, “Sit-in’ In A Tree’ is a special project for him. A pioneer in the pop/punk movement, Reddick is thrilled to work with Kelly Ogden.

About the Band:

The twosome is comprised of Jaret Reddick, frontman for the beloved pop-punk band Bowling For Soup, and Kelly Ogden, leading lady of revered pop-punk band The Dollyrots. Friends and tourmates for nearly a decade, Jaret & Kelly have collaborated on songs in the past, most recently on the intro theme song to ABC’s hit show “Schooled.” It was only a matter of time before they sealed the friendship deal with their first full-length album, Sittin’ In A Tree. The result is the ultimate buddy album, that meld worlds of pop-punk greatness, fun loving alternative rock and poignant acoustic songs.

Review Fix: How did you two get together?

Jaret Reddick: Touring. I actually met Kelly through my guitar player in BFS, Chris. The two of them exchanged emails when he heard their song on the radio. He told me I should reach out to them to bring The Dollyrots on tour with BFS…I was like, “I love that band! Have her call me!”

Our bands were fast friends. We have toured together for over a decade now. 

Kelly and her husband/ bandmate Luis have become family to myself and the guys. But even more so to me and my family. We vacation together and hang as much as possible. 

A few years back, I had a song written that wasn’t getting used, Kelly and I recorded “Love ya, Love ya, Love ya” and our fans ate it up. 

We played it live and I told her one night, “we should do a while album together!”

That kinda shit gets said a lot in the business…But after a few hangs and a few nights of drinking, the plan was in place! 

Review Fix: How is your sound different together than what people might expect?

Reddick: I think most would think J and K just sounds like our other bands had a baby. And there ARE those songs. But we didn’t get bogged down in that. There is much more to us. And there is much more to come! 

Review Fix: Goals for 2019?

Reddick: That one is hard! In June, BFS turns 25, and The Dollyrots have a new album coming out. So I think we are really probably talking 2020 before we can truly make some plans. But, I guess if I had to say something for this year, it would be just build that awareness and try and establish ourselves as a legitimate act. Not just a flash in the “supergroup pan.”

Review Fix: What makes this album special?

Reddick: Well, we set out to write it on our own. In the same room. And that wasn’t easy. We are both parent’s, and we live in different states! Not to mention we have other bands and responsibilities that keep us both VERY busy. 

But we stayed true and stayed the course…And we did it! And every song is an awesome journey! 

Review Fix: What’s the standout track? How was it written?

Reddick: That is tough. I think we both kinda settle on “Kids Again” as our favorite right now. That was a funny one. Kelly and Luis were at my house. We needed to write, but it was Trivia Night, which my wife and I never miss! ME and Kelly stayed back and Luis and Casey (my wife) went to trivia. When they came back, we had it fully sussed out and a full demo done! Then we had to catch up with them on the drinking! 

Review Fix: What haven’t you accomplished in your respective groups that you think you can do together?

Reddick: I honestly believe we can cross into some other genres that wouldn’t make sense for BFS or DR. For example, if BFS did a country record, it would be seen as a novelty, even if we didn’t mean it to be. The sky is the limit for Kelly and I! We can do whatever the fuck we want! 

Review Fix: Why has pop punk endured for so long? Why is it not a fad?

Reddick: I talk about this a lot! There are few movements that come along during a crazy change in the music industry, as well as on the planet. Take hair metal for example. It changed the way people dressed, drank, smelled…It changed people! I think Pop Punk did the same thing. A place for everyone to go. A safe place. And it caught on with an entire generation…More than one I guess. 

Review Fix: Bottom line, what makes this group special?

Reddick: Kelly. She is a star! I knew it the first time I ever saw her sing. I am lucky she is letting me do this with her! :)

And she is one of the best people I have ever known to boot. 

Review Fix: What next?

Reddick: More videos and singles…Then we figure out how to take this thing on the road! 

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Reddick: Just please check out our socials, streams, and our album is for sale if people still do that! 

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