Review Fix Exclusive: Kevin Daniel Talks ‘Pour Me a Drink’ And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Kevin Daniel, who discusses his new single, “Pour Me a Drink,” as well as his creative process and how living in Brooklyn inspires him.

Listen to Pour Me a Drink, Here.

Review Fix: What inspired Pour Me A Drink?

Kevin Daniel: I’m not sure there was one specific thing which inspired “Pour Me A Drink”. I think I was looking to write a ballad, and at the time I was pretty into whiskey. I was falling in love with a local bar in my neighborhood and felt cool that I was kind of becoming a regular. I imagined myself pouring my heart out to a bartender about an ex, just to have her walk in during the conversation. The song sort of flowed out from that pretend scenario.

Review Fix: What were the major life lessons that you learned during its creation?

Kevin Daniel: I learn a major life lesson everyday, then forget it by the time I go to sleep at night, so I’m not sure I could point to anything in particular regarding the creation of Pour Me A Drink. I do know it’s one of the first songs I really collaborated on with another musician, and that always opens your eyes. You think you have something nailed, and then someone comes along and changes a few little things, and it’s a totally new song. Creating Pour Me A Drink has sort of given me the itch to work with more songwriters.

Review Fix: How does living in Brooklyn contribute to your creative process?

Kevin Daniel: I think any creative person in New York City would say part of the reason they live here is for the inspiration. This city is tough man, and I always tell people it only allows the strong willed to survive. If anything, living in Brooklyn demands I work harder, tour more, and network more broadly. It’s expensive to live here, and if you don’t bust your butt doing the best you can, you’ll quickly realize you can’t stay. On a more positive note, I see all kinds of music here which inspires me. You can see a different kind of music for free every night of the week in New York City, and I try to take advantage of that as much as possible.

Review Fix: What are your Top 5 go-to spots in Williamsburg?

Kevin Daniel: To Work/Coffee – Norman a.k.a. A/D/O. This place is a huge workspace and restaurant with constantly changing art installations. All the cool at-home freelancers come here.

Divey Bar – The Commodore. This is an awesome bar with a great little deck in the back. They have cool cocktails and the best fried chicken in New York City.

Cocktail Bar – The Ides is a VERY hip, very cool bar on the roof of the Wythe Hotel. It’s got amazing views of Manhattan and is actually not super crowded unless it’s a weekend night.

Best place to view skyline – Domino Park is a very new park that was made as part of the rejuvenation of the old Domino Sugar factory. It’s got water works, plenty of places to chill, and a bar. The view of Manhattan is the best, and it’s a great place to walk around on warm summer nights.

Favorite restaurant – Right now I’d have to say Frankel’s, although this changes all the time. 

Technically it’s in Greenpoint, but whatever. It’s an amazing Montreal-style Jewish deli that makes the most amazing brisket, egg, and cheese sandwich in the world.

Review Fix: How is the process of writing/recording your debut album making you a better musician?

Kevin Daniel: Networking. I’ve met so many more musicians and producers since I started working on this album. Once it’s done and I start touring, I’ll meet even more people. Being an independent musician is all about being in the scene. Meeting people, working with people, and playing all the time. This record will be the launching pad for that. Also, I learned to respect other people’s opinions without having to give up on my own beliefs. 

Review Fix: How do you want this album to be remembered?

Kevin Daniel: I want to people to listen to this album, and then think “Damn, and he’s got two other EPs?” I want people to hear this record and realize that I have written a lot of music and intend to write a lot more, so they can stick with me for the long haul. Sonically speaking, I want people to realize this kind of music exists in Brooklyn, and is actually a growing part of the music scene here. 

Review Fix: How will it contribute to your musical legacy?

Kevin Daniel: Well it’s my first full length record so I think people will judge me by it, as opposed to my other works. I think when people look me up, this is what they’ll see first, and I think it will be a really strong showing. People will know how diverse my music can be, and how composition is a huge part of what I do.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Kevin Daniel: I’m trying to shop this record around to some labels. I’d love a team to support me as I hit the road with this album. Regardless of whether I sign with someone or not, I’m going to tour a lot. I want to be on the road 75% of the year, touring this record solo and with a band. I’d love to tour the US, UK, and Australia over the next two years. I got a lot of road ahead of me.

3/09 – Rochester, NY @ Sofar Sounds

3/20 – Washington DC @ Sofar Sounds

3/22 – N. Andover, MA @ The Wine Lab

3/24 – Raleigh, NC @ Sofar Sounds

3/26 – Charleston, WV @ Bluegrass Kitchen

3/29 – Cape May, NJ @ Singer-Songwriter Cape May

4/27 – New York, NY @ Piano’s

5/10 – Statesville, NC @ WAME Radio 92.9

5/11 – Atlanta, GA @ Sofar Sounds

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Kevin Daniel: Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube! I put a lot of work into my music videos, and I think they’re pretty awesome!
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