Review Fix Exclusive: Scorcher’s Tex Talks ‘Systems of Time’ and More

Review Fix chats with  Scorcher’s Tex, who discusses the band’s origin, goals for 2019 and creative process for their new album, Systems of Time.

Review Fix: How did you guys get together?

Tex: Well, “Scorcher” changed some line-ups from the start. Things change rapidly in life and the circumstances didn’t allow a stable line-up so far. Nevertheless, I am optimistic on the matter by the time my brother Chris joined the band to play the bass parts and George Tsapkinis on the guitar. So far so good! We’re looking forward for a drummer at the moment.

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

Tex: So far I‘ve been writing the songs myself, so the process hasn’t been that complicated. I just record riffs and try to merge them into a song the best way I feel right to express myself. It could take many days to write a full song or just a few hours! It always depends on the period and the state of mind I try to compose. 

Review Fix: What do you think makes this band special?

Tex: I listen to the whole spectrum of the metal music and as a result I am writing songs combining different elements from different styles. Some songs are epic , some are more power metal combined with thrash metal etc. I think every band is special , what matters is the right timing for the listener to sit down and listen to a song or an album. It happens to me too. Sometimes I listen to an album that I listened sometime in the past and adore it wondering why didn’t I had the same opinion on the first place. In my opinion every song in every style of music is like a piece of a puzzle ready to fill in the “gap” of the listener, then , what matters is that you have the right “gaps” to be filled.

Review Fix: What are your goals for this album?

Tex: “Systems of time” is the third full-length album of “Scorcher” and is a statement of what people can expect from now on. I think that the songs on this particular CD are more intriguing as a result of not being molded in certain shapes. That is to say “should I play this or that?” There is not such thing in this album. Every sector of the music was built effortless and directly in every song. This is what makes this album special to me and the fact that it’s the third album too. Number “3” is a special number, like a milestone, for the band’s future.

Review Fix: What’s the standout song? Is there a story behind it?

Tex: For me it is the title track “Systems of time”. At the time, I was reading a book about the Greek philosopher “Pythagoras” and the wisdom of numbers. It blew my mind away so I wrote a song about it .It is good to dig into the knowledge of the past because I believe the past is always leading to the future and the past makes us what we are , not the future.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Tex: We are on a search for a drummer to start a few gigs again. Meanwhile, the songwriting has begun, so I hope the next album won’t be so far away this time.

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