Brothers Union – Silhouettes EP Review: Acoustic Tenderness

Rock is a very flexible genre with many distinct sounds. For just as many head-banging, face-melting metal and hardcore guitar solos, the acoustic guitar will strum along right next to it. This sound has become iconic as the other side of rock music and used by even some of the most hardcore bands on full-length releases. Brothers Union takes this aesthetic and runs with it on their EP, which proves to be a very inspired and introspective one. Channeling the sound made popular in the last decade by bands such as Snow Patrol and Death Cab for Cutie, Silhouettes offers an eclectic sound that fits perfectly into the playlist of the indie and soft rock fan.

Bluebird is a very heartfelt and tender love song. The guitar offers a great melody to guide the vocal performance, which has a tenderness that matches the lyrics. These are no slouch either, with inspired lines right in the chorus of the song. “I hope you’re with me when we grow old, I need you more than any living soul.” Is only one of the many lines in this track that will make you smile and warm your heart.

The next track, Another Remedy, is one with much more of a pulse. The guitar has a very eclectic sound that gives the track something to nod your head to. Combined with the vocal performance, the personality of the track hits that of more popular Death Cab or Snow Patrol ones. Another Remedy feels like the evolution of that sound, which Brothers Union wears like a badge throughout. The introspective lyrics add to the overall charm with lines such as “I don’t wanna be one of those that don’t believe” and “Loud and clear, I’m sinking through my skin.” These are delivered with an eclectic tone that is sure to merit multiple listens.

Silhouettes is an EP that modernizes the softer side of indie rock. Both of the tracks are unique and show off the talent of Brothers Union. The vocals are just as robust, which each track offering its own personality but keeping the same eclectic nature. These elements combined with a modern production sound great together and push the sound into the modern age. Anyone will find this EP worth their time, from the vocal performance to the robust acoustic guitars and even delivering on the lyrical side. For any fan of soft or indie rock, however, Silhouettes is a must-listen.

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