Daniel Coloprisco – Winter’s Song EP Review: To Set a Mood

The piano is seen as the quintessential songwriting tool. Traditional and refined, the piano offers a unique sound that sparks inspiration. From the greats such as Elton John to modern marvels such as Lady Gaga, prolific songwriters always seem to be proficient with this grand instrument. Naturally, Daniel Coloprisco’s proficient play is of no surprise in this EP.

The titular track, Winter’s Song, offers a contemplative and compassionate aesthetic. The somber lyrics offer the perfect outlet for vocalist Jes Hudak’s powerful and passionate voice to flourish. These vocals compliment the piano arrangement in a perfect way, seeming to uplift each other during their more powerful moments. The complete package proves to be a heartfelt and traditional song that has the power to move you.

The instrumental track that follows is not to be discounted. A Touch of a Feeling is a contemplative track that carries a more traditional aesthetic. Daniel Coloprisco hits the keys with purpose to deliver exciting and ear-popping deviations throughout. The aptitude that carries the track is well presented here and creates great listening music. The mood the track presents is as contemplative as it is upbeat, giving it a stand-out aesthetic.

The complete package of Winter’s Song is a beautiful one. The eclectic piano work of Daniel Coloprisco will be a fun listen for anyone from the die-hard fan to the casual listener. The two tracks are distinct and offer very different moods from each other. The atmosphere each brings is perfectly conveyed with a very complete presentation. Without a doubt, the Winter’s Song EP is worth a listen and even may find itself onto your playlist.

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