Review Fix Exclusive 2019 Tribeca Film Festival Coverage: Bunker Burger: Fun

In a post-apocalyptic nuclear world, the only thing more rewarding than a stable shelter is the American diner classic cheeseburger deluxe with fries. Screenwriter and director Adam Yorke’s dark comedy “Bunker Burger” is a well written 11-minute short film which does a solid job at balancing horror, drama, and comedy.
Sara Mitich (Star Trek: Discovery) stars as the outsider Elizabeth, while Enrico Colantoni ( Veronica Mars and Izombie) leads the way as the bunker leader in this intriguing nuclear tale. “Bunker Burger” is about how after an unknown amount of time scavaging and surviving the now radioactive environment, Elizabeth is recruited to join Colantoni and company because they are in need of a psychiatrist. Their intent isn’t to save the world, but instead to recruit whom they need in their underground society. It is a subtle fast-paced film that once it starts you’re locked in until the credits roll. Yorke does an excellent job leading us down the path of emotions of salvation, sanctum, and desire with the characters while wondering if it’s all worth a taste of a burger.  The dialogue is well written and captivates, which helps the film transition from scene to scene. Early on, Colantoni nonchalantly walks and talks with Elizabeth down an extended hallway.

Though it is mentioned the world is in shambles, the upbeat casual conversation is a reminder that the film is still a comedy.

The story creates mixed emotions which cause anticipation of the next witty remark and plot twist. Throughout the film, all occupants of the bunker are just mellow.  They appear to lack a sense of urgency or fear. This is funny because anything outside of the complex according to Colantoni could be  “The Walking Dead.” The film still walks the line of comedy until it is determined that one of the current members would have to die for the entry of the newest recruit. At that point is when things jump back to intense because of what is next to come. 

All in all “Bunker Burger” is a solid dark comedy with a twist on the suspense thriller and survival horror genre. The story though familiar to most post-apocalyptic movies still has it’s own charm and flair. 

Filmed in a minimal setting environment which included two hallways and one room is enough to bring a good story to life. In just 11-minutes you gain enough information to become fully invested in the characters introduced. This film touches on the theory of how society behaves in the event of society falling, which with the original story and further character development could make an even better full-length film or mini-series.

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