Review Fix Exclusive: Inside ‘Bullies’

Review Fix chats with “Bullies” writer and director Daniel Bydlowski, who lets us know all about his creative process and why this is a special film for him.

Review Fix: How did you feel the first time you read the completed script of this film?

Daniel Bydlowski: It was hard work to get it to where we thought was good enough to film it. We wanted to capture not only the issue of bullying but also make sure that those who watch it can be entertained by it.

Review Fix: Was it difficult to direct this film, given your personal history with this film?

Bydlowski: The hardest part of directing the film was to get the elderly actors act as if they were children without the silliness that could come with it. I think they did a great job.

Review Fix: What was the feeling like on set?

Bydlowski: Everyone on set was working diligently to produce the vision that was shared with them prior to filming. Being a fantasy film, it requires a lot of work on set to make sure that the production design and costumes are communicating what the story needs. Once we started accomplishing all that needed and could see the script live, everyone was really cheerful that we were accomplishing something meaningful.

Review Fix: What stands out the most about your cast?

Bydlowski: Kaden Hetherington and Fred Ornstein really stand out. This was Fred Ornstein last film, since he sadly passed away. And he was a great actor and human being who understand the story and what we were trying to accomplish.

Review Fix: What makes this film special?

Bydlowski: The film is designed to both entertain and talk directly to those who had suffered or still suffer bullying so that they understand that they are not alone.

Review Fix: Who will enjoy it the most?

Bydlowski: Everyone can enjoy the film. People who suffered bullying may see themselves in the film, but others can equally enjoy it. 

Review Fix: How did it feel being selected for Cleveland International Film Festival?

Bydlowski: That was really, really nice. I have always loved Cleveland International Film Festival and appreciated their talent to always bring great and important films to their festival. Knowing that my film was amongst those is truly great.

Review Fix: Why is the subject matter of this film important?

Bydlowski: Bullying has been constantly covered on the media. But most advice, if any, are given to parents and educators, living those who actually suffer bullying without much to orient themselves. The worse thing about bullying is to mistakenly feel that someone’s life is not good enough. It is important to speak directly to those who experience it and show that this is not true.

Review Fix: Bottom Line: Why must someone see this film?

Bydlowski: Everyone who likes a meaningful fantasy film in the veins of 80s films such as Goonies should watch the film. 

Review Fix: What’s next for you?

Bydlowski: We are developing a virtual reality film to be produced soon. We will provide more news soon.

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