Charley Young – Hold the Moon Single Review: Catchy Retro Pop

During this era of computerized music, the ’80s has been a mainstay in inspiration. This retro aesthetic is clear in Charley Young’s Hold the Moon. The pop song is definitely one that can cling to you and never let go, as the eclectic beat will have you moving. By the end of the track, you’ll swear you’ll ask yourself why isn’t this song on the radio?

The track begins with the voice of Charley Young right after a small synth intro followed by a sigh. The vocals are a great aesthetic complement to the dreamy synths, with her impressive vocal range on full display. This grants the track freedom to push a great dance vibe. They work so well together that the track is commanding in nature, with drops that offer a “woah” moment upon first listen. The beat lends itself to multiple listens as well, as it is definitely catchy and works fantastic with the vocals. While not perfect, the track is a fantastic surprise in the current landscape of music and is one I would expect to hear on the radio. Its mix of retro inspired synths and modern pop motifs make it feel like a current version of Zedd‘s Clarity single from a few years back. Memorable and upbeat, Hold the Moon definitely holds itself up.

With a beat that you cant help but move to and a robust vocal performance, Hold the Moon is a fantastic listen. The eclectic beats of the track are memorable and fits right into the pop landscape of today. Hold the Moon is a radio-worthy track that deserves a listen. If you are into today’s pop music scene, it will likely find itself on your playlist. One thing is for certain though; one listen is  not enough for Hold the Moon.

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