Force Six: The Annihilators #1: Trick Shot Review: Action-Packed

Summer blockbuster action movies may not have much to them, but the action is usually the reason people flock to them every year. Sometimes these types of stories are made in comic book form. One example is Drew Spence’s “Force Six: The Annihilators” and the first issue of the “Trick Shot” storyline embodies this trope. 

The story is about a group called “The Annihilators” who specializes in “bringing order to the universe.” In the first issue, they have to take down a target that is in a moving vehicle going top speed. The story isn’t much to write home about. The first issue reads like the typical summer blockbuster action flick with barely any story and lots of action. In fact, it’s easy to forget these characters names because they come across as generic action movie characters with little personality outside of their roles. 

The action itself is pretty cool. Card flying all over the place and guns going off hither and thither. Problem is, it’s over way too quickly and the reader is left with feeling and wanting more. The next few issues need to step up because there is such a thing as “boring action.”   The artwork is the worst thing about this comic. It’s 3D art and that’s the main issue. 3D art works fine if it’s animation, but the still images are way too far in the uncanny valley.

Artwork like this is fine for a webcomic or even a Youtube web series, but for a comic, it looks awful. Comic art is meant to tell a story using images that work sequentially. 3D looks way too static and wrong if it’s just a still image. Of course, there is one page that shows a bullet that looks like a 3D effect that is pretty amazing and is the best part of the art. “Force Six: The Annihilators #1” may not have a strong story or even great art, but the action is splendid. If you want a mindless summer blockbuster type of story, this comic is right for you. Just get used to the 3D art because it is a little unnerving.

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