The Teledynes EP Review: Bob Your Head and Swing Your Hips

Music is powerful when it can move you. When you hear that beat that makes you tap your foot or sway your head a smile usually follows. The Teledynes bring this feeling full circle by embracing an old school sound in their new EP. Employing an old school swing music motif, the band pushes the aesthetic to the absolute brink. The result is an eclectic whirlwind that picks you up and never lets you off the dance floor.

Right from the get go, the EP grabs you with a few quick riffs and never lets go. Crazy Train is a track that sets up the mood of the EP very well. A stream of constant pulse-pounding drum beats and sudden, electrifying guitar riffs push the deep, bluesy vocals through a blender. The result is a track that explodes out of the gate and evokes an immediate get-up-and-go mood that few can replicate. The guitar solo here is just the tip of the iceberg as well, as each track features one that is distinct and adds to its personality.

Cohaagen is a standout instrumental track that shows off the inspirations and eclectic nature of the band. The Pulp Fiction style guitars give this track an immediate pulse. The way the track unfolds may remind you of an action movie or simply of movement as it flies through your mind. The track is about as much of a breather that The Teledynes will allow you, but if you take a moment, you’ll realize just how much this band makes their instruments sing. Way Out West is a track that shows off the inspired nature of the band. The incredible aesthetic of swing music mixed with a country square dance vibe is triumphant. The rambling western style drums and a far more harmonic vocal performance add perfectly to this unique aesthetic as well. A very inspired song that will have you wanting to dance.

The Teledynes are an eclectic group with a time capsule of inspiration. There are so many different sounds at work here and they all come together to deliver an EP that will move you. The tracks are bursting with energy and personality thanks to the high-octane instrumentals and dynamic vocals. The high-energy nature of the music gives it an authentic swing feel that makes you want to kick your feet up. While some may feel the high energy hit them over the head, these tracks are definitely worth a listen for everyone.

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