Top 5 of the Most Addictive Video Games of All Time

If you are indeed a gamer, on average, you spend around 8 hours per week playing video games, and it could even be more. The idea of being completely sold out to gaming is embedded in the need to keep conquering level after another. It is no surprise to find a gamer who has been fully immersed in a single game for months. No one really thinks they are addicted to gaming until it gets to the wee hours of the night, every single day, and you are still up and active while playing. Could this all be on you, or are there totally addictive games? You will be glad to find that there are some games developed that could get anyone very addicted to them. Here are the top most addictive video games of all time:

5: Grand Theft Auto V: The Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure video game that was released in 2013. Players get to play in a city – Los Santos – of bright lights, long nights and dirty secrets. It is especially addiction to those players who have grown with GTA through the years, ranging from GTA 2, III, IV, and V.

4: World of Warcraft From as far as 2014, millions of people have been completely hooked to this game. Gamers all over have attested to giving up on so many responsibilities just to play this game. The WoW is an online world of myth, magic, and limitless adventure that has so many people playing, given that it is a multiplayer online role-playing game. This game is super addictive, so much that there is an online community that fights WOW Addiction.

3: Minecraft: Minecraft is one of the most popular game there is today, with players fascinated about building structures, fighting skeletons and zombies, and of course, mining for gold, diamonds, iron, other minerals. Even without being visually stunning, the game has captured thousands of adults and children alike. The addiction comes in wanting to do so much more in your Minecraft, and as you tell yourself this, you quickly lose track of time.

2: Candy Crush Saga: If you are looking for a puzzle game to keep your eyes glued on a screen, the Candy Crush Saga is your game. The main reason this game is addictive, other than having to rise through several levels, it the fact that it is a portable game. Throughout the day, you can keep playing on your phone or any other gadgets. Gamers do not have to wait to get home so they can continue from where they left.

Even so, the game tried to bring a kind of control over gamers by giving them limited ‘lives’ for a continuous play, upon which you have to wait to renew the lives before you can play the game. However, even with that, there is the option to “ask friends for help,” which makes the game more enticing than most.

1: Tetris: The thrill with this game lies on the fact that you get through different levels so quickly. The game is very enticing because people always want to keep playing, keep advancing to the next level, but more importantly, beat their high score. Since this game expanded to PC and then onto the NES and Gameboy systems, even more gamers are addicted to the Tetris game. If this is you, you will need a kahuna chair to support your body through the long gaming hours.

Generally, all games can be addictive. It depends on your preferences on what you consider a great game to be. Given that fact, make sure you discipline yourself only to spend a specific amount of time gaming, so you can balance it out with other things in your life, including socializing with people.

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