Gamma Dog – Wa Single Review: The Heavy Side of Synth Rock

The electronic melodies of the synthesizer are nothing short of iconic. Whether it be the wild party music of today’s pop or the flamboyant grooves of the ’80s, the sound has stood the test of time. Synth rock has always been an interesting musical fusion and Gamma Dog proves their understanding of it in Wa. The single is one that takes this fusion and gives it an eclectic direction that works to make it a track that entices a second listen.

Wa is a track that offers a robust instrumental. The track starts off with a very 80’s style synth rock opener, then quickly turns to a more alt or grunge style before the synths kick back in. It has almost a dreamy sound before the track kicks into overdrive at about the minute and a half mark. It quickly embraces the power of the rock aesthetic it carries, turning into something similar you would hear off of an early Queens of the Stone Age album, such as Rated R. The vocals compliment the alt rock aesthetic, offering a great edge with a raspy and inspired performance. Lyrically the track has some interesting wordplay around it. Conveying a sense of perseverance with such lines as “what did the others make? What have the others done? You’re out in a further place healing. Sending a different one.” Are lines that are delivered in almost a beseeching manner, which adds weight to the words. 

Wa is a great track to rock on with. Those looking for something that adds a new twist to a tried and true aesthetic will love it. Wa blends the synth rock feel into the heavy alt rock style and at times, overpowers it completely. Its a great treat to the ears when it all comes together. For the rock fan looking for something new, this is definitely worth listening to. It may even sneak onto your playlist if you can’t get it out of your head.

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