Michael A Coker – Story Book Road Review: The Eclectic Sound of Bronco Rock

Country has a unique charm to it that allows it to be quite versatile. From dance rockers to crooners, they all make their home within the robust genre. Michael A Coker pushes the genre in his new release, Story Book Road. A rollercoaster of eclectic sounds, genre mashing and some fantastic vocal performances. There is a lot to take in with Story Book Road, if you think you know where the album is going after the first track, you’d be dead wrong. 

The track starts with Cabin in the Woods. The track doesn’t hesitate to show you its vocal prowess from the get-go. The low, bassy beat carries the bouncy strings along smoothly. Each vocalist adds a great dynamic to the track, that gives it charm throughout. The beat is lively and the vocals are powerful. The musicianship of the band is on full display here, which only serves to set the stage for what proves to be a wild ride. Cabin in the Woods is followed directly by Carmen Miranda, a track that lulls you in with fantastic latin-infused instrumentals. By the time the vocals hit you at around the 2 and a half minute mark, they will feel like the spark that ignites the fire. It is a fantastic juxtaposition to the country aesthetic of Cabin in the Woods and serves as a great eclectic twist. It Don’t Mean Nothin is another stand-out track that shows the deeper understanding of genre, offering a different country aesthetic to that of Cabin in the Woods. It Don’t Mean Nothin channels that classic rambling country aesthetic, the classic western style guitar that makes great driving music. The feeling of togetherness that will make you burst into song alongside them still stands, which makes the track wonderfully robust and complex-feeling. A very satisfying track. The overall best element of Story Book Road is the robust nature of this release. Each track is decidedly different in aesthetic, yet none of them feel as though they don’t belong. Each track feels unique and brings an element of life that begs for multiple listens.

Story Book Road is an incredibly fun ride. From start to finish, this release is one that anyone can get hooked on. There is so much to offer in just six tracks, it’s a bit astonishing to hear the first time. Each track here displays a unique aesthetic and these tracks play with the Country genre to the point where it is pushed to new heights. The musicianship, vocal refinement and inspired instrumental work is enough for anyone to give it a listen. For the Country fan, make room on your playlist for some Bronco Rock.

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