The Nothing Podcast: Episode 6: The Pregnant Woman

In, possibly, their most outlandish episode yet, Frank, John and Danielle got the chance to talk with, what can only be described as, “A Pregnant Woman.” Though not a career, being pregnant is an average thing people do everyday, all around the world. It’s also something The Nobodies knew nothing about. Hilarity ensues when parents to be, Amy and Adam Goldfarb answer all of the burning (stupid) questions John and Frank had for them, as well as the informative ones Danielle had. Where do babies come from? Still don’t know. But find out what it takes to get them here safe!

Produced By – Cool Side Productions

Hosted by Frank Caiati and John Panepinto

Contributers: Matt Hunt, Joseph Hagopian and Thomas Zaccheo

Engineered by Danielle Rose Fisher

Graphic Design by Danielle Rose Fisher’s Illustration

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