Review Fix Exclusive: Tae & The Wave Talks ‘2002’ And More

Review Fix chats with Tae & The Wave’s Dante Brunetto, who lets us know all about the project and his new single, “2002.”

About Tae & The Wave:

Alt-pop artist, Tae & The Wave, reminisce on the early aughts on new single, “2002,” out June 14th, 2019. Celebrating 10 years in Los Angeles with the release of his fifth single, Tae & The Wave has been hard at work defining himself as an artist unafraid to experiment with pop norms. Over the past ten years, he’s developed a dedicated following playing at classic LA venues like The Hotel Cafe and music festivals including two of Ohio’s largest festivals, Numbers Music Fest and Breakaway Music Festival. Tae & The Wave has performed alongside major artists like Halsey and Khalid, seamlessly blending in with the best of pop music via his chill-inducing electro beats and hooky melodies.

Tae & The Wave immerses listeners in a melody perfectly crafted for summertime on new single, “2002.” An ode to the idyllic days of pop music, when lyrics were simple and melodies were a carefree adventure immersed in positivity, the track exudes a sense of celebration and hopefulness. Self-produced by Tae & The Wave, who consulted with Jerry Depizzo of OAR, it’s a synthy dip into the shimmery waters of the ocean on a crisp summer day. A look back at being young and free, the track captures the essence of youth with it’s effortless instrumentation. A fluid groove billows under the joyful charisma of Tae & The Wave’s vocals, creating that feel-good atmosphere every great pop song should possess. Be sure to check out Tae & The Wave’s new single, “2002” out on June 14th.

Review Fix: How did you get involved in music? 

Dante Brunetto: I grew up in a super musical family. My dad was a talented jazz pianist/organist when he was alive, and my uncle (my dad’s twin brother) is a drummer, music teacher and the leader of a 17-piece Big Band. I was around music all the time as a kid and totally fell in love with it in every way. 

Review Fix: What makes you unique? 

Brunetto: Well, everyone has their own journey in life but we all experience the same emotions, the same highs and lows. I think the very act of interpreting and expressing this human experience through your own art is the most unique thing a person can do. Although there will always be similarities in theme and certainly structure, no one else has written the exact same songs, melodies and lyrics as me. That right there is the most beautiful thing about the art of songwriting in my opinion.

Review Fix: What are your goals in music? 

Brunetto: I just really love the act of making music and sharing that experience with other musicians on stage. Performing in front of a large crowd of engaged listeners is the thrill of a lifetime for me. The whole process of creating these songs, sharing them with the world and then going out and connecting with the people who embrace and appreciate the music you’ve made, it’s such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Ultimately I just want to connect with people and this planet, and music is my vehicle to do that. 

Review Fix: How has the Ohio music scene affected you? 

Brunetto: Growing up around my uncle’s big band and going to numerous gigs with my dad, I’ve met so many amazing Ohio musicians over my lifetime that have influenced and inspired me. The greatest gift I’ve been given from these people and the Ohio music scene is simply the joy of playing music. It’s not about playing every note perfect or impressing industry folks at a showcase, it’s about having fun and enjoying the celebration of music. My dad taught me that. All of his music buddies I’ve met over the years taught me that. My uncle and all the guys from his big band taught me that. Ohio taught me that. 

Review Fix: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you? 

Brunetto: I get asked this question a lot in public and it’s always a tough one. I’m sure a lot of musicians feel the same way. It’s like telling someone you have a child and rather than showing them a picture, they ask you to describe what your child looks like. I’d much rather show you a picture. My sound has brown hair with blond highlights (electric guitar with reverb), soft blue eyes (light synth sounds), a round face (drums) and he likes to sing catchy, uplifting pop melodies. 

Review Fix: Why do your tunes matter? 

Brunetto: They matter to me because I pour my entire self into them and I take a lot of pride in that. It’s my way of telling my story in hopes that others will hear it, feel a human connection and take comfort in knowing they’re not alone. In my opinion, nothing matters more in life than the connections we make with people and nature.

Review Fix: How was “2002” written? 

Brunetto: Around January of 2018 when I first started working on song ideas for Tae & the Wave, I wrote the groove and instrumental that you hear in “2002.” I really loved the feel of it but I couldn’t find the right melodies to go along with the groove. I kept revisiting and reworking the song for over a year until I finally cracked the code and found the perfect lyrics and melodies. Not long after that I moved onto production and employed the advice of some Ohio music friends, Jerry DePizzo (OAR) and Nick D’Andrea (Doc Robinson). Those guys led me to Columbus mixing engineer Glenn Davis who proved to be the final missing piece to the puzzle. Glenn truly did a fantastic job of bringing “2002” through the finish line and helping me execute the vision I had for it. 

Review Fix: What musician inspires you that people might not expect? 

Brunetto: Ray LaMontagne. I know my music doesn’t sound like his but, to me, Ray exemplifies true artistry in it’s purist form. He has one of the greatest voices of our generation, yet so much humility and this cool way of genuinely not caring how famous or marketable he his. He just lives his life and writes his songs, and I really feel like he does it all for the right reasons.

Review Fix: What’s next? 

Brunetto: I have a couple songs I’ve been sitting on for a while that I’d like to finish up and release by the end of the year. Those songs, bundled with the five songs I’ve already released, will be an EP that, to me, represents phase one of the Tae & the Wave musical exploration. As I continue to release these songs, the goal is to play as many shows around the country as possible and enjoy the live performance aspect of this whole thing. As I mentioned earlier, that’s the best part to this whole thing. 

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