The Nothing Podcast With Nobody Special: Episode Nine: The Longshore Men

This week the gang gets their hands dirty with our first true blue collar guests, Mario and Sal, the Longshoremen. Frank and John learn everything they ever wanted to know about working down at the docks from these Brooklyn born Italian princes. They discuss everything from how to dress like a proper Italian American to the importance of having pride in your work. They may be rough around the edges (and in their choice of words) but you’ll be surprised how much you can learn from these two hard working men, and all over a nice antipasto tray!

Produced By – Cool Side Productions
Hosted by Frank Caiati and John Panepinto
Contributers: Matt Hunt, Joseph Hagopian and Danielle Rose Fisher
Engineered byThomas Zaccheo
Graphic Design by Danielle Rose Fisher’s Illustration

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