Greg Roensch EP Review: Soft, Heartfelt Indie Rock

Greg Roensch’s new EP is a fun piece of indie rock. Using a few different aesthetics, he and Carly Bond deliver performances that are inspired and dreamy. While the instrumentals are solid, the lyrics and vocals are always front and center here. The duo puts their heart into each track to deliver a pleasant mood throughout. 

The first track, “Grasshopper,” is a stand out track that is an excellent way to lead into the EP. The bassy beat props up the tender duet, along with the elegantly subtle percussion. The instrumentals slowly ramp up throughout the track as to ease you into the relaxing mood the track creates. Lyrically, the track is one of persistence and achieving goals. Lines such as “I run hot and I run cold, nothin comes easy I keep tellin’ you so,” show this along with the chorus of “grasshopper hop along, keep hoppin till I finish this song. Don’t stop till you get to the breeze, flowin in the summer trees.” Another stand-out track is “Tell it like it is.”

The track is full of instrumental surprises guided by the humming synths that fade in and out of the beat. Lyrically, the track is a love song about wanting to know everything about someone, especially the distressing details. Lines such as “what’s in the meaning of the cloud in the sky, the one that looks like you with a tear in its eye?” is an example of this. Other lines such as the one in the chorus prove this further, “tell it like it is, give it to me straight. Runnin round in circles, passin the time away.” It is an interesting take on a traditional love song that deserves a listen.

Greg Roensch’s new EP is full of contemplative and heartfelt wordplay. The dreamy aesthetic of the album makes the instrumental surprises hidden within stand out and grab your attention. This also allows the lyrics and vocals to be placed front and center, allowing you to fully appreciate the soft and inspired performances of the indie duet. Overall while the EP may not be for everyone, the tenderness on it is very clear and makes itself known. If you have time, give this one a listen.

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