Jesh Yancy and the High Hopes – When In Rome Review: A Bluesy Folk Ride

Music is a form of expression. A song can have a unique feel and convey a message in a way that may seem unorthodox to some. Jesh Yancy and the High Hopes go for this effect in their song “When In Rome.” The track opens up with a nice harmonica and acoustic guitar intro combo, but the track comes to life with the drums.

The instrumentals are alive and upbeat. The snappy snare is attention-grabbing and the harmonica is smooth. The guitar fades in and out, but it always makes an impression when it makes itself known. Lyrically, the track is about drug dependence and how it affects himself and those around him. Lines such as “I’m sorry that I can’t see when, enough is enough when the edge is on” show the remorse of “getting stoned again,” but in the very next line he declares “the only thing I can say, is when in Rome.” The smooth, bluesy vocal performance of Jesh Yancey is a smooth and memorable one. It is also explosive when he and his female backup light up the track.

“When in Rome” is a fantastic, upbeat, bluesy track with a ton of soul. Jesh Yancey’s stories of his drug-fueled escapades and how they got him here fuel the track while the instrumentals feed its head-waving nature. It all comes together to create a cautionary tale of self-awareness and the results of a reckless dependency. With a sunny aesthetic and some memorable lines, “When In Rome” is definitely worth a listen.

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