Brother Spellbinder – We Were Children Yesterday EP Review: An Ode to Inspiration

It is difficult for a musician to not be backed into the corner of a “genre.” Whether it be rock, country, hip hop or pop, everything has a label. Brother Spellbinder is proving it is one of the few groups who can transcend these tags. We Were Children Yesterday is an incredibly inspired 7 track EP filled with treats for the ears. Musical inspirations stretch far and wide over these tracks, each with a fantastic personality and charm. By the end of your listen, We Were Children Yesterday proves itself to be an experience more than simply something to listen to.

From the top, the track Birds of a Feather is instantly captivating. The upbeat claps on the intro do nothing to hide its explosive personality when it comes into its own. The track establishes the inspired nature of the band with an incredibly robust instrumental arrangement that both props up and plays off the vocals. Alzara Getz gives a fantastic performance in this track, showing off a dynamic voice that offers a delightfully sunny quality in Birds of a Feather. The way each sound plays off of one another, from the deep percussions to the harmonious viola, is something that needs to be listened to on this track. Woman is another fantastic track worth talking about. It is a track that truly shows off the dynamic vocal aesthetic of Getz, as the track marks a change in attitude on the EP that works to show off more of the bands robust charms. With a bluesy folk feel, Woman not just offers their take on the aesthetic but also gives vocalist Jamie Wilson a moment to show off his vocals and change the feel of the track.

Woman is a track that evolves, because it goes from simply bluesy to almost otherworldly as it goes on. Another stand-out track is Red River Valley. This track offers a western or cowboy feel to it, which is another change is musical aesthetic on this EP. The band pulls it off well, using deep bass and twangy guitars to create the feel for this track. Lyrics such as “Come and sit by my side if you love me. Do not hasten to bid me adieu. Just remember the Red River Valley and the cowboy that loved you so true” give the track a somber quality, that really hits home when the guitar solo happens. This is also just the beginning, as afterwards the song kicks into overdrive and takes on an entirely new life while preserving the integrity of the song. This is also thanks to Jaime Wilson, who facilitates this evolution on the track.

We Were Children Yesterday is an eclectic, inspired listen. There are many high points on this album that will make you smile after the first listen. The robust instrumentals create the mood of each track incredibly well and the dynamic vocal performances only prove to add more charm. These tracks ooze charm and you can feel the love that was put in them as you listen. Brother Spellbinder has made an EP that anyone should give a listen to and be sure to make room on your playlist for one or two of these. You won’t be able to resist their charm.

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