Places in London Where You Can Find Cheap Cinema Tickets

Today, going to the cinema isn’t a cheap affair. The cost of cinema tickets and refreshments are expected to go up to £20 or more these days. Though this might feel like an acceptable sum to spend once in a while to watch a good movie, imagine what the total will be for someone who considers himself a movie buff. Splurging £20 on a single movie can become a nuisance if done frequently enough, but proper research and some planning can help movie-goers enjoy movies frequently without having to worry about burning their budget. Considering that the concept of online casino London is a reality today, cheap cinema tickets aren’t impossible. Here are a few places in London where you can find cheap cinema tickets.

Cinema tickets for free in London

We have decided to start the list with free cinema tickets first. So here goes:

1. Sands Films

The Sands Films in Rotherhithe have been in operation since the 1970s and provides cinema fans with film club as well as production facilities. Housed in a granary building adjoining the river this club offers a welcoming atmosphere and unique ambience. For interested folks, the Sands Films offer a free screening every Tuesday in the evening, which can be booked online.

2. Chapel Cinema

Small and cosy, the Chapel Cinema just fits 35 people but is a great place to enjoy a themed cinema experience. This means that you can enjoy different genres of movies every week in different languages and from myriad countries, all free of cost. You can book the tickets for this cinema online.

3. The Cat’s Back

Though watching a film in a pub isn’t such a common thing, The Cat’s Back provides free movie screening for interested people on Thursdays and Sundays. Situated between Wandsworth and Putney, you should visit this pub for great food, good ale and free cinema.

Cinema Tickets for less than £5

1. Vue

If you are in a lookout for a mainstream cinema experience, The Vue offers it to you for as little as £4.99 every Monday. Thanks to their Super Monday deal, you can enjoy the latest box office hit all through Monday from morning to evening. If you are someone who is all about the finer experience of cinema, their VIP seating is also available at a discounted price of £7.99. Compared to the original price of £15, the Super Monday deal is certainly worth trying!

2. The Overlook Film Club

The Overlook Film Club visits The Water Poet on a monthly basis to provide their audiences with some of the hidden gems of the cinema world. The best thing about this film club is that you can enjoy the best of world cinema on a pay-what-you-can basis. The screenings are generally held on Thursdays.

3. Phoenix Cinema

Wondering how to introduce your little munchkin to the joys of cinema? Phoenix Cinema conducts a kids’ cinema club every Saturday for an entry fee of £3 so that your little one can enjoy the movie as well as some free after-movie activity workshop. So, don’t forget to explore!

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