Review Fix Exclusive: Inanna Talks ‘On Fire’ And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Inanna, who discusses her new single, “On Fire,” and more.

Review Fix: What has the Summer been like for you?

Inanna: Amazing! I just kept working on this new environmental music adventure. It is very fulfilling and I am very happy to feel I am contributing my way to the climate protests and actions of these days.

Review Fix: What was your biggest disappointment in the music industry and what do you think you’ve learned from it?

Inanna: I never had huge disappointments but the biggest frustration has always been to realize how difficult it is to reach a bigger audience without proper marketing, promotion, social media management. I have learned a lot in these years about self-promotion, production and marketing, but it’s still very hard. When you’re a creative you would want to just focus on the creative side of it, but these days as an indie artist you really have to become 10 people in 1 and divide tasks to be able to cover all the necessities and must-dos of this industry. I also learned that it’s important to take it as a full-time job. If you don’t, it’s really hard to be a professional and be heard.

Review Fix: Why music?

Inanna: Music has always been there in my life. I started singing when I was a few years old and never stopped since then. I also worked in film production & development, events, as an actress and bellydance teacher. But music has always been the glue keeping it all together. Performing on stage and being surrounded by sound has always been my biggest passion. But only this year, after realizing I was Inanna and that I wanted to convey a specific message through my songs, I felt really on my path, on my way to something, carrying a message that transcends me and my music. Now my music has become my mission.

Review Fix: What inspired your latest single?

Inanna: This song was inspired by a viral video of an orangutan who was trying to defend and fight for its forest, as a bulldozer was tearing it down. This video really impressed me, it’s utterly heartbreaking and representative of how much human activity affects and many times destroys the balance of nature, animals and their territories. But while we were producing it we saw how it was shaping also into a anthem for the Global Climate Strikes of these days, as a powerful invocation and wake-up call song for all humans, to come together and put down the fires.

Review Fix: What’s on your musical bucket list?

Inanna: I want to explore even more the Middle Eastern influences in my next songs, I want to duet with Brian Molko and I want to perform at the Earth Day concerts net year!

Review Fix: What do you think you need to do to make your dreams in music come true?

Inanna: Having found my own voice and style is already a dream come true. Living in Los Angeles in these interesting and challenging times for the planet  is a dream come true. I think I have everything I need to proceed, but I am looking forward to collaborate with other artists, producers, filmmakers who care about the future on Earth. I would love to have a super-team to work together with, the power of collective effort is endless!

Review Fix: What’s holding you back?

Inanna: Right now, nothing! Even with things I usually hate (marketing, promoting myself, social media…), I just keep pushing! I am trying to find peace with everyhting now so that nothing can hold me back. I feel this project is necessary and it transcends me as an artist. It had to be made. By me or somebody else. But in these moments it is crucial for the arts, and music too, to participate in this new global movement, making history and changing culture.

Review Fix: What are your goals for the rest of 2019?

Inanna: I am planning to release two more singles by the end of the year and hopefully one more music video soon. The EP Where We Belong will be out in a couple of months and it will feature 1 or 2 new songs. I am planning to release the full album, “Acrotopia” by the Spring.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Inanna: I hope a lot! Gigs for sure, more videos, a fully-environmental and animalist album and hopefully many great collaborations with artists and environmental organizations!

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Inanna: Thank you for having me on Review Fix again, I appreciate your support!

Check out my new single On Fire on Spotify, iTunes and all main digital platforms. I hope it will be your striking song for these days!

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