Review Fix Exclusive: Brittany Portman Talks ‘Hooked’ And More

Review Fix chats with “Hooked” creator Brittany Portman, who discusses the TV series and her ambitious new directions for it.

Review Fix: What inspired this show?

Brittany Portman: The show was inspired by my own experiences, and people that I’ve met in high school and in college. I had a guy, after inviting me up for tea, ask me if I wanted my clothes on or off…that’s the inspiration right there. 

Review Fix: What inspires you?

Portman: As a college student, I was awkward at frat parties and desperately tried to it in. In fact, even in High School, I was never able to be one of the cool kids. All of my crushes, failed attempts to fit in and my awkwardness inspire me. 

Review Fix: How did you get your start in writing?

Portman: I started writing in college when I majored in film. I had a screenwriting and film production class where I was able to write whatever I wanted. In my film production class, I made a short film that was based on a true story that happened in college. Once I saw people’s reactions from the short, I realized that there might be something there in the future. 

Review Fix: What are some motifs that you consistently draw from? 

Portman: The consistent motif I draw from is to trust your own intuition regardless of the pressure you may face from peers. 

Review Fix: What makes this show special?

Portman: This show is special because we have different characters that we don’t normally see on television. The main character is very different from what we normally see because she is more afraid and cautious than most girls are when it comes to friendships and relationships. 

Review Fix: What are our goals for it?

Portman: My goals are to inspire other girls who have dreams of becoming writers. One must put her work out there. I also want to share certain messages for girls to ponder and understand. 

Review Fix: What’s next for it? 

Portman: We will be pitching this to networks and hopefully you will see HOOKED on streaming sites or cable!

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add? 

Portman: HOOKED teaches life lessons. This story needs to be told because this story shows the opposite of what you see on Sex and the City and Girls. It shows that girls don’t necessarily have sex with someone who they just met.

HOOKED shows a whole other world that most people don’t see: cults! The story also highlights our main character Leah and how she grew up outside of the real world. Her circumstances make her different in her approach to dating, friendships and life in general. 

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