Silvermouse: Earthadelik Review: Chill, Trippy Vibes

Music can make you feel. Festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival are all about the groovy and trippy music all around you. Silvermouse has created an ambient adventure in Earthadelik, an epic of an album that wants to take you on a wild ride. With tracks that boast an average 7-9 minute run time, Earthadelik wants you to strap in for what it has in store.

Earthadelik is an album on mission. From the top, the album offers a mysterious and ambient vibe. It also introduces the dark and washed-out guitars, whose riffs will serve as a constant dynamic element throughout the album. If taken as a whole, Earthadelik evokes a feeling growth from “New Moon.” The track has a few dynamic changeovers, but holds an air of mystery and darkness. It is both creepy and full of attitude, much like in the following track “Existence Experience.” T

hese mysterious, dark themes are made possible by the faded guitars and electric scratches underneath the muddy synths. “Down” solidifies the ambient nature of the album and breathes new life into the album, while highlighting the transitions that exist between each track. It is also the first stand out track on the album. Offering a ton of personality through its use of retro style synths, static and distortion effects give it an electrifying aesthetic. Moving ahead, “Dream Valley” is another stand-out track on the album. It is an epic of a track with over a 9-minute run time. With an emphasis on the guitar, the evolving beat around it is nothing to be discounted. The track simply oozes musical surprises that will beg repeat listens after its abrupt end. After the muddy beginning tracks, the album finds itself in a big way with these tracks. The trippy nature of the way Silvermouse builds an aesthetic is present in each track and gives each a fun personality.

The eclectic nature of Earthadelik is fun and inspired. From muddy, mysterious tones fueled by bassy synths and distant guitars to downright tropical percussions, it achieves a great ambient spectrum. Silvermouse brings it all together in a progressive and trippy fashion that feels like an experience. While it will take time to enjoy everything Earthadelik has to offer, with each track over five minutes in run time, it is not for everyone. However, tracks such as the aforementioned “Down” may just creep onto your playlist. When you have the time, give it a listen.

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