The Mandalorian Review: Stellar

With the launch of Disney’s new streaming site Disney+, the entertainment mad titan introduces streamers to a whole new dynamic story in the “Star Wars” universe with a character based off Boba Fett. In just one episode, the newly released series “The  Mandalorian” is already an excellent addition to the “Star Wars” franchise. If you know anything “Stars Wars” then you know the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Responsible for the capture and freezing of the infamous smuggler Han Solo, Boba Fett is a pop culture icon. With his trojan gladiator-like a helmet, Fett embodies a fierce mercenary and a look that begs for a great story to be told.

Though the “The Mandalorian” does not star Boba Fett, the show thus far is the well-paced, up-tempo, action-packed Boba Fett story we always wanted. The aura of Star Wars undoubtedly lives in the series due to the aesthetic such as the vast variations of icy plains and desert backdrops. The stormtroopers, various “Star Wars” species, and droids appear, but this new original story is far less fantasy and more gritty. Labeled as a “space western” because of bar fights and duck and cover shoot out scenes,  “The Mandalorian” also breathes the essence of noir with a “Blade Runner” feel which captivates and entertains.

The nameless main character is a descendant of Boba Fett’s bounty hunter clan.  The show opens during a bounty capture, in which he displays his hand to hand combat skills. Once he collects the bounty upon delivery, he is offered a high priced mystery bounty from an imperial officer.  It is not explained who the target is, but receives the last location of the target and must use his advanced tracking skills to capture the target dead or alive. Throughout the Star Wars franchise, bounty hunters have been to allied to the Darkside, but the episode’s twist ending shows a more human side to the labeled guns for hire.

With a fresh take on the Star Wars story, “The Mandalorian” is on the right track to be a success right out the gate. To how well the series continues depends on how creative they can get with the idea of showing a relatable side to the bounty hunter. It will be interesting to see how far in-depth writers dive into the backstory of the Mandalorian bounty hunting clan and how the main character connects to the iconic Boba Fett. The gunslinging style shootouts will keep the high-intensity pace when the show calls for action, but the story twist against the traditional nature of certain “Star Wars” characters, much like Fin the Stormtrooper with a heart, will keep the show rolling in the right direction.

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