Why Games Animation is Different From Movies Animation?

Games and movies animation look similar but the following write-up would give an insight into why they are different from each other.

For a person who is a complete stranger to the world of animation, animation for games and movies may appear to be one and the same thing. Even though the apparatus and proposition are likely to be the same for both but the approach and procedure may greatly vary. Here NZ Roulette game has been taken as an archetype.


Studying animation for movies, the animator has to look for perfecting a particular angle that is visible to the audience at a particular time unlike that in games. For instance, while watching a movie, we only see a single dimension on the screen, to be exact the only angle that the camera is viewing. This doesn’t mean that movie animation cuts any slack for the animator. But also, we cannot deny the fact that game animation is quite a tedious task! A movie animator is good to go as far as a particular scene or angle looks good because the audience does not have access to the background. 


When it comes to gaming, it involves the entire attention of the player since he/she has all the control of the player and the environment around it. The player can move the character inside the game and have a 4D visual. Unlike the animation in movies, the animator has to keep in mind even the minute things like the movement of the character, the aesthetic of the entire game and so on. In the case of NZ Roulette and other such games, the graphics have to be on point. The animator has to use all his brains to animate all the angles and sides of the game since the player has the authority to explore from all the sides!


Looking at the analysis above, we must calculate as game animation being more tiresome and time-consuming, but in reality, it takes less amount of time than movies. Depending on the complexity, a movie may take several months to finish one single shot. Although there are certain rough edges in-game animation still there is no doubt that it should be appealing to the eye. Although due to the shortage of time, game animation allows certain miss outs the animator has to make sure that he has greater spans of knowledge related to animation and what is the outcome of the same. Animations in games don’t necessarily have to be excellent in graphics and visuals. However, it should be of interest to the audience because at the end of the day it’s the players who would contribute to its success.


Although animations and graphics play a huge role in a game, it is equally important for the game to have a storyline. Well, to maintain the interest in players just like in the game of NZ Roulette, the story has to spin to for the player to stick. This is what we call as ‘motion capture’. For all the budding animators out there it is important to have skills related to motion capture due to novelty of the idea along with the basic animation. 

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