Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Review: Old-School Fun

Baldur’s Gate is a game made for true fans of what Beamdog has developed. The game originated in 1998 where it lacked many facets such as graphics and updates which is why 20 years later Beamdog has decided to enhance the game and develop everything to an updated 2019 version of the classic beloved game that everyone knows.

The 2019 version of Baldur’s Gate is more colorful and detailed compared to the 1998 version of the game. The characters and places are brought to life more in this version. Placed before you is a world full of fantasy for you to explore.

When you first start the story mode on the game, you are brought into choosing from many different vibrant characters that will define who you are in the game. Also besides the race, you choose you have to choose a class. After those are chosen you land in a world that is small and easy to adventure around. Eventually, the land grows as a mysterious killing makes you need to investigate the iron shortage that everyone in the land is questioning.

As the story goes on you either are fighting people on the land or trying to figure out where and how to fix the iron shortage. The cool thing about this game is you don’t have to follow orders. As your quests add up in your journal you can go wherever you want in the land and do it in whatever order that you please. It really makes you feel like you are the character you chose because you lead his path through this fantasy world. As you go along through the game you meet allies who come with you and you also encounter enemies who pose threats to you and your allies. There is indeed a narrator in the game who helps keep you up to date on where you are and what to expect for example in a battle.
The thing that makes Baldur’s gate

special is that there are so many things for the player to do in one world. While playing this game you don’t feel as if you are being restricted as to what you can do. You can choose your own path for your character and take a different journey then a different player would. No one’s Baldur’s gate experience is the same as another person’s. Whether you are fighting the battle of immediate conflict or going on a long journey to discover the secret’s behind dark magic this world of Baldur’s Gate is yours to venture.
Baldur’s Gate plays smooth but with how it is set up it is a little difficult to maneuver because it is in its originality a PC game. All they did was just buff some things and enhance the graphics.

The good thing that the enhanced version of Baldur’s Gate does was it didn’t take away from what the game originally was. Players who have been fans since 1998 can play this and still feel that nostalgia while playing. It’s amazing how 20 years later a game could be enhanced from an original version and have this much hype around it. Old players and new players will both enjoy this game for what it is and what it once was.

The Good:

An updated version of the game that people grew up loving, The game lets you control who you are and want to be, The creators “Beamdog” didn’t take anything away from the game we love but they just sharpened the edge’s and updated some important mechanics.

The Bad:

The game is not for everyone, only true fans of the game can love the graphics and how the game plays out, Do not go into the game expecting something more then what you are going to get. Enjoy the game for what it is. The mechanic’s are still a little rough around the edges but game runs cleaner then the 1998 version, just don’t go in expecting the most smooth video game.

Final Thoughts:

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will soon become a fan favorite, the origins of the game stay involved but the updates made to the game will make people fall in love with it when they play it fully through. The creators Beamdog didn’t go over the top and change the game too much which is what makes the game just as fun as the 1998 version. Gamers, indulge and enjoy there’s not many as good as this one.

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