Neill Maclean – Invite Me Over Single Review: Retro Electro

There’s nothing like a track that has a swing to it. When the beat is one that can sway heads or hips, it’s guaranteed to garner attention. Enter Neill Maclean, whose latest single “Invite Me Over” is definitely one to make you move. The retro-inspired synth track has an odd air of familiarity to it, as if it was lifted from an 80’s movie soundtrack.

Right off the bat, the track hits you all at once. Synths and vocals are front-and-center, giving leeway to neither until you feel the beat. This gives the track a mysterious quality which may take you by surprise. It only takes a moment though, as it is guided flawlessly by the vocal performance. The swing of the lively synths echoes in the delivery of the smooth, sensual vocals of Neill Maclean. “What a Hell of a year, it’s been real, my sweet dear” is just one of the lines that is delivered with the power to make your head sway with it. The wavy bass echoes from underneath, which creates a satisfying depth to the track. The female backup vocals add another layer of sensuality and a softer dynamic to the deeper vocals of Maclean. The electro breakdown towards the end of the track is also transitioned into smoothly but doesn’t pull its punches. When it hits, you’ll be hard-pressed not to perk up with intrigue.

Invite Me Over is an alluring and hypnotic song. The beat is as smooth as the vocals that are coupled with it and the track oozes nostalgic personality. Invite Me Over is a fun listen that will harken to fans of a bygone era and give new listeners a track that will no doubt move to its groovy beat. Any fan of 80’s style music, or synthpop, should give this track a listen. This bite-sized track could leave a smile on your face.

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