Read Only Memories #1 Review: Amazing Art

Sci-fi is a genre that can be used to create any kind of story and, if done correctly can be amazing. Of course, the are ways to make it mediocre or awful. “Read Only Memories” by Sina Grace and artist Stefano Simeone make a great looking comics with a mediocre story. Santa Cruz, California, 2067, Lexi Rivers has become a private investigator and is on a weird case. A robot has asked her to find a human who not only has gone missing but is also the robot’s lover. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned in these cases. Both the premise and the execution are mediocre. It’s the typical missing person case except with the added twist that it’s a root and a human who are lovers. One big problem with the story is that Lexi is boring. Yes, she’s as this character who comes off as “edgy” with one thing that makes her “edgy” is that she’s a lesbian. That doesn’t make a well-rounded character. All that can be said about Lexi si that she’s lesbian, she prefers sneakers over high heels and prefers to do things her way. That is just the start of creating a character, but here that’s all her character. Yes, the setting is the far future with a whole bunch of futuristic things, but the world seems flat and lifeless with the mediocre characters not helping things. The artwork is the only fascinating thing about this comic. The character designs have that futuristic feel with the “Jetsons” like clothes, hair and the females have this super skinny look to them. Not to mention the colors are absolutely eye-popping. Simeone made the correct call in adding bright colors instead of the usual drab greys and browns associated with the typical far future look. “Read Only Memories” has a mediocre story that lacks any kind of life to it but the artwork is full of life and has an interesting design going for it.
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