The Nobody Podcast: Episode 17 The Jewish Couple – “I’m the Jew for You”

It truly is the “holiday” season here at The Nothing Podcast. Which is why John and Frank thought it was important to hear from some folks at the other end of the proverbial table, some Jews. With Hanukkah fast approaching, the crew sits down with Hebrew Honeys Jess and Rob Mintzes to talk all about the meanings, traditions and importance of Hanukkah and the Jewish faith in general. It’s funny, it’s theological, it’s inclusive. It’s Judaism at it’s finest. Produced By – Cool Side ProductionsHosted by Frank Caiati and John PanepintoContributors: Matt Hunt, Joseph Hagopian and Thomas ZaccheoEngineered by Danielle Rose FisherGraphic Design by Danielle Rose Fisher’s Illustration

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