The Persian Leaps – Electrical Living Review: Shock and Awe

When rock leans on the heavier side, it can be abrasive to some. There is a certain finesse that can be added, however, that can keep the aesthetic while adding elements of harmony. The Persian Leaps has achieved this balance in Electrical Living. From the top, Electrical Living explodes onto the scene with a defined power-pop aesthetic that is impossible to ignore.

The intro track, “The Art Form,” comes in swinging right away. The guitar guides you in before the vocalist chimes in with smooth intro note. The drums then crash in behind it, solidifying the heavy nature of the music. You can feel the lyrics when they hit and whenever he sings “your indifference killed my taste for the art form” the drums crash right down next to the line. From the beginning, Electrical Living hits hard with a track that does great to whet your appetite for the rest of the album. Another ace track is “Sweet Nothings.” 

After a brief, rambling guitar into its explosive instrumentals. The power pop-rock aesthetic is in full force here and with beats that have memorable and inspired drum work. The heavy percussions are a mainstay of The Persian Leaps and more tracks such as this one will leave your head bobbing than not. This is nothing to speak of the infectious guitar hook that drills so deep into your head you may never get it out. These elements when taken as a whole give the track an amazing feel that echoes a radio single. “Should have known your cause was lost when you saw your fingers cross” is a line delivered with such strength, it merits a listen to see what it’s all about. It is a great track that shows off the range of the regularly smooth vocal performance.

“How We Win” is another fantastic track. The guitar shines on this track. It is propped up in front of the heavy drums, and is positively electrifying as it runs through the track. The track is much heavier in tone, as the bass gives the guitars a great depth behind them. It makes the beat hard-hitting throughout and will make you groove in place. The heavier sound complemented by this groove and the beat has a great swing to it. “Hot Trash needs cold cash, trades it all for ten seconds of flash” is just one of the many memorable lines that will leave you grinning. 

Electrical Living is a delight from start to finish. There are many high points on the album and the heavy percussion-based aesthetic creates a nice compliment to the poppy and harmonic guitars. The smooth vocal performances are dynamic and combined with the instrumental feels like a complete package. The defined sound gives a great complete feeling to the album as a whole while giving each track its own personality. Make room on your playlist, any rock fan will want a few of these on it.

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