Rabid Flesh Eaters – Demons Within Single Review: Groovy Insanity

Heavy Metal is considered by fans of the mainstream as a niche genre of music. It’s thrashing guitars, heart-pounding percussions and screaming vocals all give off a sinister and threatening impression to the uninitiated. Rabid Flesh Eaters keeps the dark aesthetic but takes an approach similar to Pantera or Rob Zombie before them, using a groovier aesthetic than a wild, thrashing one. 

The dark, sludgy instrumentals give the feeling of a dreadful downward spiral. The deep groove of the bass gives the guitar a sinister aesthetic and the head-bobbing beat of the drums will descend down the same spiral the other instruments set up, leaving you rapid slams of the bass drums in its wake. This culminates in a wailing guitar solo that makes the guitar screams like a banshee, the crown jewel of the instrumentals. This is all backed up by an equally sludgy vocal performance. The vocals drip with a sort of nastiness that gives his words a gnashing feeling. This gives lines such as “I’m searching for demons in my own soul” an undeniably sinister edge that needs to be heard to experienced.

Overall, “Demons Within” is a solid metal track. A dark groove props up the venomous vocal performance, giving the track the vile aesthetic it aims for without using a wild, maddening thrashy instrumental. You will find your head bobbing to the beat of the drums or swaying with riffs of the guitar as they descend even deeper into the minds of the Rabid Flesh Eaters.

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