Joseph Pagano – Take Me Single Review: A Blast from the Past

Nostalgia holds a firm foothold into today’s culture. Shows such as Stranger Things and movies such as It harken to a time before today. Joseph Pagano has taken the signs as an opportunity to foster his single Take Me, an inspired 80’s love letter that has will feel like you stepped into a time machine. From the top, the track makes no qualms with what it sets out to be.

The reverb-laced synths that deepen against wild and colorful vocals dominate the intro. When the track mellows out, the beat will place you into the 80’s itself. The track is evocative of everything that reminds you of a hit from the time and the deep, electro bass beat always molds itself to the mood of the track. The sounds around it never compromise its club aesthetic and the track feels like it just keeps giving the longer it goes.

The vocal performance is eclectic and dynamic. From the wild yells of “Let me go and shake it!” To the smooth verses laced throughout the track, the range and inspiration is clear from the first listen. You will be hard-pressed not to sing along during the catchy chorus performances. All of these elements combined create an authentic feel of a hit track from the time, which pulls you right into its charm.

Joseph Pagano has succeeded in evoking the retro ’80s spirit. Take Me is an insanely fun track that will make you want to get up and dance, or at least keep your shoulders moving in your seat. It is a track you can get lost in, as its electro-synth instrumentals constantly bring it to life with an undeniable charm. This time machine of a track will definitely have a spot on your playlist.

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