Top 8 Online Casinos That Are Making Crazy Profits

Just a few years ago, many individuals, more so potential investors were skeptical about the entire online casino concept. Today, online gaming is a multi-billion industry that keeps growing in terms of both customer base and revenues each year.

The evolution of software engineering has fostered the development of new games, better online gaming platforms, and enhanced customer service. These are some of the factors that have contributed to the exponential growth of revenues in this industry.

Though most players in this space are making money, there are a bunch that is doing exceptionally well in turning profits. Following is a list of the eight most profitable online casinos:

·  Casino Max

·  BoVegas

·  Ignition Casino

·  Las Vegas USA Casino

·  Casino Brango

·      Cherry Gold Casino

·      Slots of Vegas

·      Golden Lion Casino  

The above are some of the top players in the online gambling space, which is said to be a multibillion-dollar industry that keeps growing each year. According to Statistica, ‘the U.S. casino gaming market revenue stood at $79.42bn by the end of the year 2019.’ Let’s have a look at each of them.

Casino Max

Casino Max is one of the few online casinos that have made unbelievable strides in establishing a strong market presence. Started in the year 2017, this casino has gained popularity among gamers and has become a preference for many.

Having experienced management in place coupled with the implementation of the latest gaming technologies, Casino Max has been bagging millions of dollars each year, and the figures are most likely to go up in the year 2020.


When the top online market players are being listed, BoVegas is a name that will be seldom missed. It is one of the biggest online casinos that accept players both within and outside the United States.

The casino has been able to attract masses by offering first-class services and providing players with a variety of games. Another possible factor that has turned BoVegas a favorite for many players is the generous bonuses offered.

Having made a name for itself, BoVegas is one of the most profitable online casinos that are out to create a more significant kill this year.

Ignition Casino

Established in 2016, Ignition casino has proven that overtaking in business is possible, but with the implementation of the right strategies. This online casino has rapidly grown to become a global player, a company that records millions of dollars in revenue each year.

It presents to customers a wide game selection coupled with rewards points and great bonuses. All these factors, among others, have influenced the success of the Ignition Casino by attracting more entrepreneurs and customers.

As seen on Forbes, the online gaming industry continues to appeal to more entrepreneurs each year. It is one of the companies that will, undoubtedly, make huge profits this year.

Las Vegas USA Casino

One of the oldest online casinos is Las Vegas USA casino. A gamblers’ hub was launched back in 1999. The casino has always endeavored to maintain relevance and uphold its competitiveness in the market by embracing new technologies to serve its customers better.

Early payouts, superior customer service, a variety of games, and enticing bonuses have contributed to the massive customer base the casino has. It is on this account that a casino is one of the most successful online platforms, taking home millions of dollars in profit. Las Vegas USA is a casino to watch out for this year in terms of revenues.

Casino Brango

Another of the youngest online casinos that have brought old market players serious competition is Casino Brango. It was established in the year 2017 and is among the few casinos that accept bitcoins.

The fact that Casino Brango accepts players from most countries around the world other than the US has made it grow its customer base exponentially. One of the strategies the company uses to attract more customers is by putting out irresistible bonuses and ensuring customers have a remarkable experience each time they visit the site.

All the efforts channeled by the casino to deliver excellent services have yielded fruits evidenced by its wide profit margins. On that note, Casino Brango is among the most financially promising casinos in the year 2020.

Cherry Gold Casino

Established in the year 2011, Cherry Gold casino has been striving to make its mark in the online gambling space despite the fierce competition. Today, this casino is one of the most popular one ranking among the most visited gambling sites.

There are a plethora of positive reviews from gamblers who have stated their satisfaction with the services offered by the casino. Cherry Gold offers its customers unmatched flexibility when it comes to transactions, as it also accepts bitcoin.

Though the company’s start wasn’t that much promising following its inception, this casino has grown to be a money magnet as it records profit in millions of dollars.

Slots of Vegas

Slots of Vegas has been around for over a decade now and is a renowned online casino famous for the numerous games it offers and the reliability of its customer support service. When it comes to bonuses, this casino provides a bountiful 250% bonus to all first-time visitors who make a deposit.

Loyal customers are also given offers and bonuses. Slots of Vegas has been successful in winning the trust of many gamers, therefore fostering its growth. The casino has been making huge profits in the previous years, and the trend is likely to continue this year.

Golden Lion Casino 

Golden Lion Casino is another of the most financially promising casinos this year. Despite being a young entrant in the market, as it was established in 2016, this casino boasts of being a favorite for many gamblers.

Golden Lion has a sleek site that is also compatible with mobile platforms. With timely payouts, great bonuses, availability of different games, and excellent service, Golden Lion is in line with making huge profits in the year 2020.

Old Havana Casino

Old Havana Casino is not a veteran player in the online gambling industry as it was established in the year 2012. Even so, this casino has worked on its competitiveness by focusing on customer service.

As seen on OnlineCasinoGems, the casino’s site has not significantly changed since it was launched. Old Havana Casino offers over 150 games, which include Blackjack and an array of other RTG games. Developing a wide range of games has ensured that any player can find their favorite game on the site.

Another of the coolest things about this casino is that its site is compatible with most mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. This fosters flexibility for users as they can access games using their handheld gadgets anywhere at any time.

Looking at the banking methods in place, Old Havana Casino offers its customers several options, which include money transfer, cheque, use of cards, and bitcoin. Users can contact the support staff any time as the company offers 24/7 support and a live chat feature.

As seen on Forbes, the online gambling sector is also influencing other industries such as the telecommunication one.

Growth of the Online Gambling Industry

It is without question that online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With more states and countries legalizing the business, the market for online casinos continues to widen, and this makes for increased opportunities for making more money. Watch out for the above-listed casinos this year in regards to their financial reports. 

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